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Cubic Zirconia Rings: Bling On A Budget



Cubic zirconia rings put a rainbow of fire on your finger – on a budget. More than ever before, this affordable "kissin' cousin" of diamonds has plenty going for it.

Since about 1976, cubic zirconia rings have become the number-one substitute for costly diamonds – and in today's economy, that's a big plus! Cubic zirconia stones now have their own grading system. If you're judging your new cubic zirconia ring by its grading, always look for a Grade AAAAA (that's five A's), because that's the finest quality.

Your new cubic zirconia ring, like diamonds, is made from minerals. But did you know that cubic zirconia and diamonds have such similar traits that even jewelers can be fooled? Check out this easy chart:


Cubic Zirconia Jewelry            Diamond Jewelry



Mohs Scale (Hardness)           8.5                                           10

Index of Refraction                 2.17                                         2.42

Specific Gravity                       5.80                                         3.52

Dispersion                               0.066                                       0.044



For instance, they're both crystals, and it's their crystal structure that bends light (that's "refraction" in the chart). Look how close the refraction qualities are between cubic zirconia and diamonds.

You can also see that cubic zirconia stones are almost as hard as diamonds, which means they're a durable stone for jewelry settings. And cubic zirconia rings have more of what jewelers call "fire," (dispersion) meaning that they show more dazzling colors.

At the very least, you'd have to look at a cubic zirconia ring with a magnifying lens that will enlarge it to 10 times what's seen with the naked eye. And who goes to a fancy party carrying around a 10-power magnifying glass like Sherlock Holmes?

If you do look through a high-power lens at a cubic zirconia ring, you'll be surprised – and probably pleased – with the stone's flawless appearance. That's because the labs that create cubic zirconia do a better job than Mother Nature. Diamonds always have tiny flaws known as "inclusions" while cubic zirconia are truly perfect.

And far more than diamonds, cubic zirconium come in a range of colors that give you more options in your wardrobe. These days cubic zirconia rings come in red, orange, yellow, green, pink, purple and a warm golden brown as well as the traditional colorless "white." You could have a cubic zirconia ring to match every favorite outfit!

Along with color, scientists have made another great improvement to cubic zirconia. By coating the stones with a carbon substance, they've enhanced the hardness of cubic zirconia to make your ring even more dazzling and durable.

And you should check out some of the celebrity-inspired designs today for cubic zirconia rings! You can choose from among Jessica Simpson's pear-shaped stone, Heidi Klum's "cushion cut" yellow stone or a deep pink princess cut stone like J Lo's. There's even a stunning cubic zirconia ring that resembles Princess Di's sapphire engagement ring.

With all these wonderful improvements, a cubic zirconia ring is no longer a "cheap imitation" for a diamond. It's beautiful jewelry in its own right – gorgeous on your hand and easy on your budget.