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Zing Your Bling with CZ Rings


Looking to put more zing in your bling? Think CZ rings!

CZ – short for cubic zirconia, a manmade gem – isn't just a "cheap imitation" diamond anymore. It's a dazzling gemstone on its own. In fact, CZs and diamonds are so alike that even jewelers can be fooled sometimes. And in these tough economic times, couples on a budget are finding that a gorgeous CZ engagement ring or wedding set shows off their love as much as costlier diamonds.

The real joy in wearing CZ rings, though, comes from combining these beautiful gemstones with the new trend of "right-hand rings."

Right-hand rings, in case you hadn't heard, are the new mark of achievement for today's successful woman. When you combine its beauty with its benefit to your bottom line, a CZ ring shows you're a woman who's both fashion-conscious and wallet-smart.

CZ rings come in a variety of dazzling settings. Among the most popular modern designs for right-hand rings are channel-set CZs in sleek waves and bezel-set CZs in attractive stacking bands. CZ rings with princess-cut or marquise-cut stones, often surrounded by pave', can look just like much costlier antique jewelry. And you won't have to go into debt to buy them or to insure them against thieves!

With today's official CZ grading system, you can be sure you'll get the finest quality created gemstone. Simply look for gems that are graded AAAAA (that's five A's) and you can be assured of top quality CZ rings.

If your jeweler doesn't use the grading system, you can also choose a quality CZ ring by looking for stones with plenty of "fire," that is, a prism of color when you hold the ring up to the light. Plus, the labs that create CZ stones often coat them with a carbon substance to increase their hardness, making them even more durable and dazzling.

Some jewelers will create a CZ ring for you from your design, or from a design choice that they offer. When choosing a stone for your ring, ask to look at the stone through the jeweler's high-powered lens. Unlike diamonds, which usually have tiny flaws, your CZ stone should appear perfect when looked at with a 10-power or greater magnifying lens.

Another benefit of your CZ ring is that today the stones come in far more colors than diamonds. You can choose red, yellow, orange, pink, green, purple or champagne. You could have a CZ ring to match every outfit!

CZ rings also are popular for their celebrity-inspired designs. Imagine wearing a stunning CZ engagement ring that resembles Princess Di's sapphire or Jennifer Lopez's deep pink princess-cut ring. Maybe you'd like a right-hand ring that looks like model Heidi Klum's "cushion cut" yellow stone or actress Jada Pinkett-Smith's blue topaz CZ cocktail ring. Your options are almost endless.

Whatever your choice, you can be sure that these latest fashion trends make a CZ ring the bling with real zing!