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 Diamond Wedding Rings – Adding Bling to Your Special Day
What can you say about diamond rings? Now these are rings that deserve to be put on the top of your must have list… they are beautiful, valuable, with lots of meaning and understandably—a girl’s best friend! Speaking of best, the best one that I have seen to date is a diamond wedding ring I have seen has a total of 1ct in Loose Diamonds which is set in 18ct white gold; this sells for approx. $2800. It is considered a cluster ring, with several stones in the centre being the focal point, along the sides are baguette diamonds surrounded on either side by circle diamonds in brilliant cut (52 faces or facets). These are all a beautiful color of H- I. 
A diamond wedding ring is of course mainly diamonds, the white gold behind these diamonds is purely there just to hold the diamonds in place and make them look bigger. The gold usually doesn’t have patterns on them, but of course you can ask them to put a personalized message there. A nice idea that I saw was they wrote “forever” in the inside and instead of the traditional “o” they placed a diamond in the centre to create a dramatic yet striking effect. They put the diamond deep inside the ring and then it doesn’t irritate whoever wears it. 

Diamond wedding rings are the normality in today’s society; these are the more famous rings when it comes to weddings. They look amazing, and depending on what you want, you can get a single band, twin, trip, or vow. 
A twin ring is a ring with two bands, a trip is three rings, and a vow is five. The beauty in this is that you can chose which ring/rings you want to wear that day. Who doesn’t love beauty AND selection??
Another option is a solitaire ring, where there is only one diamond being the focal point, and sometimes smaller diamonds along the sides. The point of this is to give it a classical look, and is sometimes set in yellow gold but mainly set in white gold to emphasize the diamond and make it look much clearer. If you want a good solitaire ring then you should get something above 0.50ct or below 1.2ct, color ranging between G – K. The nicest being a 1ct solitaire, this is, in my opinion, a perfect size. They are generally hard to find, and usually have a bad color, these can range from prices between $3000 to $5000, if you want a good color and cut, then you won’t find one under $7000. The solitaires are normally set in 18ct gold. Some shops cover the loss of a diamond, let’s say perhaps it falls out and then you cant find it, then they will replace it free of charge, if it is visible that the diamond hasn’t been forced out of course. This also changes depending on where you buy it, and don’t forget to ask them about the terms and conditions to this. This also applies to a cluster ring.
The best type of ring to get as a wedding ring is a diamond ring, preferable a cluster ring, these must of course have a good color as a bad color in a cluster ring will make the whole ring look bad. It is preferable to get a bad color in a solitaire than in a cluster ring.