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Ear Rings: A World of Choices 

With people as young as two year old toddlers having their ears pierced; ear rings can be a part of everyone's shopping list. Yes, men included! From studs to hoops (and everything in-between), there are millions to choose from. Gold, pearls, beads, feathers- be fashionable and get creative!

You can pick up great ear rings from hundreds of dollars to just a few dollars, and they're all great for different occasions.

Going to a party, and can't afford a new dress? Use ear rings as a statement piece instead. They can completely change an outfit and show off your personality at the same time. Try something bright and sparkly to stand out from the crowd.Then, when it's time for work or school, tone down your ear jewelry with something simple like gold studs or small gold hoops. They are something that says professionalism; but also elegance and style. Key words for any woman!

Men, not forgetting you too- there are simply millions of options. You can have a simple stud or hoop, or go all out with the 'punk' look and have a tube ear ring inserted in your ear. It's totally up to you.

There's not just the option of buying ear rings to go for if you want to update your look. Why not try making your own. Have fun hunting for unique beads, ribbons and decals; and spend an afternoon with friends putting them together. You can easily pick up ear ring hoops or stud backs for just a few dollars. You never know, a small business could be in the offing! Make a pair to match all your outfits, and you'll never have to search for jewelry again. They make great low-cost gifts too!

However, if getting your ears pierced doesn't sound appealing to you, go for clip-ons. They can be just as fashionable. With clip-ons and with pierced ear rings however, not all styles suit all people. It depends a lot on what shape of face you have. If you have a small face and head, you don't want something huge that's going to overly dominate, and take away from what's really important- you! Similarly, if you have a larger shaped head, don't go for something too small that can't be noticed. What's the point of having beautiful ear rings if no-one can see them? It's also important to think about your hairstyle as well. If you are wearing your hair down over your ears, you might want to go for a longer and more detailed ear ring; but if you've got short hair or you are wearing it tied back, you would probably look best with something shorter so that it's in proportion. Have a look in the mirror and experiment with different styles until you find the right look for you.

Then the ear ring world's your oyster- get buying or get making. It's a great easy way to continually update your style, and it's fun at the same time! Who doesn't love fun?