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Till Death Do Us Part: Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are rings that mean something special. Normally they are plain 18ct bands with diamonds or other precious stones in them covering the circumference of the band.  This represents the never ending love that you have for the person you wish to give an eternity ring to.  Each stone representing something else; like the first time you met, the first time you kissed, the engagement, the wedding day, each child, etc. 
These rings have to be custom made because of the diamonds that go all the way around, these can not be sized because of the diamonds.  So a quote on the ring according to the size of her finger is required. 
Half eternity rings are rings that have diamonds only on the top part of the ring; this ring can be resized because the metal is exposed at the bottom of the ring.  This ring is more practical as you can resize and add on in later years.  
Eternity rings make a great present for someone, showing them that you love them in a never ending manner, especially if you have it custom made with different stones in each socket.  These stones are normally cut in a circle manner with 52 facets (brilliant cut).  You will need to remember each memory behind each stone. Believe me, the small things are what counts the most.  When you buy the eternity ring then you are saying “I had this made for you because my devotion for you is never ending, just like the stones.  Each represents something else...”.  When she asks what you can enthrall her with the recollection of memories you have and how much they mean to you.
Here is a simple and commonly used list of what each stone represents:

•    Diamonds: success
•    Black Diamond: a lifeline, and sophistication
•    Yellow Diamond: a classic and enduring style
•    Red Garnet: love, and 2nd year of marriage
•    Amethyst: royalty, piety, sobriety, and 6th year of marriage
•    Sky-blue Topaz: happiness, clarity and sunlight
•    Pink Topaz: friendship, love and wealth
•    Tanzanite: lawless elegance, and 24th year of marriage
•    Emerald: regeneration and life
•    Ruby: passion and a happiness for life
•    Aquamarine: security and safety
•    Sapphire: commitment and loyalty

Now you can choose which of them suite you, her, and the relationship best.  It is the thought that count… Now you can show her how much you think of her.
If not all of them fit into who you and her are, then you can always go for a half eternity ring and then add on as the years go by, this could work wonderfully for anniversary gifts or any special occasion…