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What Are Family Rings?

Family rings are also known as mother’s rings.  These are rings that are often made of yellow gold and are made so that they can be edited easily in the future. They normally have the birthstones of everyone in the family, or just her children.  These rings come in different sizes and shapes and can represent different things according to its shape, such as the heart representing love, or the princess cut representing a mirror.

A personal favourite of mine is the heart one, where the hearts are put one next to another and then each is pointing to opposite way.  This looks extremely exquisite on the final product.  Sometimes family rings are like eternity rings, where the stones go all the way around.  The family ring, or mother’s ring, is made up of the children or families birthstones.
Family rings can also bear the emblem of the family which is also known as the family crest. The rings base is built around the thick coat of arms or emblem that depicts the family’s heritage and history. This is a status symbol showing power and strength of an entire family and the pride the wearer has for their family. Each family ring is unique to that person. Everyone in the family has a piece of the ring they can call their own and thus the ring has an abundance of designs and traditions built into one simple design that can be worn on any occasion and for any reason. 
Family rings should not be only one family member’s ideas and thoughts. Every member should be in agreement of the cut and colour of each stone to show the unity and togetherness of the family. This ring holds so many memories and love that it has to be of the utmost value and perfection. By bringing all these memories together you are not only bringing the family closer together but you are creating a family memory album to wear around your finger and for eternity those memories will be locked into that ring for generations to come the rings can be passed down through the family and can be altered with each changing family member. These rings are timeless and should be treated like a member of the family. Only the best care and devotion for family members. Personalities are locked into gold and the thoughts and promises shine like the gemstones caught under light. This ring is true devotion and pure love. No beginning and end to the rings such as no end to the love between families…