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Fashion Rings: Pretty, Stylish and Cheap


Fashion rings, well, they explain themselves don’t they?  They are rings purely to show off a fashion statement or trend.  These are normally rings set in 9ct white, yellow, or rose gold with a big centre stone or strange design.  These designs range from classic and old-fashioned markings to modern chunky patterns.

Personally I prefer the strange designs that some of them have.  They give different feels with each design sparking a new memory or fantasy. Each pattern is relevant to the wearer and the geometrical authenticity is unique to the designer and imagination of the client. The only downfall to fashion rings is that they tend to be bulky and expensive which can sometimes prove to be uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear but look amazing and serve only valuable for the ‘Wow’ factor.

There are no specific stone that they use in these rings. It ranges from Diamonds to Cubic Zirconias to colored stones, such as an amethyst, garnet, ruby, etc. The choices of stones are dependant of the buyers trend and preference in colour, size and shock value.  The price range on these rings depends entirely on what it is made of and what type of stone they use.

Fashion rings are normally the more beautiful of rings as they are eccentric with new strange ideas. They are for all classes of people, the upper-class of people will go more for the 18ct white gold rings with a lot of diamonds with more of an abstract/art look; normally these are no less than a total carat weight of 2 and color of G – K.  Then you get the cubic zirconia rings, which are usually set in sterling silver (925) with a large centre stone surrounded by smaller stones all the way around. These are relatively cheap but do not last long.  These are referred to usually as costume jewellery.

The colored stones are the ones that are more commonly found in shapes, such as the heart or flower designs, these are set in 9ct or 18ct white, yellow, or rose gold depending on what type of stone used. You also get colored Cubic Zirconias which they sometimes use as an alternative and cheaper form of jewellery; these are either set into surgical steel or silver.

Fashion rings make amazing gifts because of their look.  Some of the best fashion rings are made of 18ct white gold with a boguette cut, about G – K in color , making lines that start at the same place and split near the end with about a 2mm spread, making it look like rays of light.  Another nice design is similar but at the end the boguette becomes a circle about double in size with red garnet, making it look like roses.

Fashion rings are the way to go when it comes to glitz and glamour; celebrities are very fond of these and are seen wearing them often.  
Fashion ring

are more than likely to be the one type of fashion that will change and progress slowly, with about a 2 to 5 year gap before the fashion trend changes for good. Fashion rings allow for personal expression which makes it the always popular choice with no boundaries and limitations. More is better…