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Share the Bond: Friendship Rings

Friendship rings are two identical rings worn by two people, representing a close relationship without romantic attachment or blood relation.  They show that two people are very close without any connotation towards a relationship. These rings can be made of any type of metal but rarely have a stone in them.  Sometimes they have engravings on them such as “Friends” or “Friends forever” or simply just a symbol, such as a heart, a cross, or anything for that matter.  Friendship rings generally come in pairs, they can also fit into each other with grooves.  The grooves come in an assortment of patterns and rings can be worn together or apart depending on circumstances without damaging the other ring. These are the ones that most people look for when purchasing a friendship ring.

Most people look for stainless steel, silver, titanium, or surgical steel friendship rings because they are cheap and long lasting.  A good idea is to get a plain flat silver band and have it engraved with a message or name on it.  This can also be done to stainless steel, but not to titaniumas it is too hard or surgical steel because it tends to flake when engraved
on.  The other nice thing about using a silver one is that when you want toclean it all you have to do is buy a solution that can do that, these can bebought at basically any jeweller all over the world.  Some of these solutions can be a bit hard on silver, so it would be preferable to use one that was made for silver.  The multi purpose solutions can clean it, including gold and white gold but it tends to be a bit strong for silver and over time will increase its rate of decay. A friendship ring’s material should be chosen carefully and in consideration to the activities each friend partakes in and how much wear and tear the rings must be able to handle or protect against. The rings should be kept in good condition form constant use and changing of jewellery surrounding the ring

If each friend truly wishes to flaunt their individuality in the friendship the two plain a joining pieces can be altered to have patterns and designs appropriate to each friend. Such as a different plating technique or quote inside the ring. The ring wearers are not limited to one design but can rather design rings for each other and give as gifts.   

By buying a friendship ring for a friend you are accepting a commitment and promise to be true forever. The rings serve as a permanent reminder of your devotion and love for this particular friend and partner. A simple ring serves as no romantic or suggesting manner but rather shows the affection you share. A friendship is precious and such the ring should match the ternal bond friends share. The ring should be an image of your friendship and how much meaning it holds for both parties. The rings should be kept safe and always be looked after. Just like a friendship should…