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The History of Graduation Rings

Graduation rings are rings for memories.  These are very nice looking rings that represent you and your school or team or study field.  They are normally set in either 10ct white or yellow gold.  The men’s graduation ring has a stone at the top, a garnet being the usual use, and around that is a special quote or a unique and personal design.  Below that a year with a logo on each side, and finally, below that a picture of some sort or emblem representing the school/team/study field.  The ladies version is normally either a thinner form of that with a light blue or pink stone or a 10ct yellow gold thin band ring with writing on either side of the stone.  Sometimes as an alternative to a stone they sometimes put the school crest. The women’s rings are often more memory conscious then the men’s. Men choose powerful and strong looking designs while women wear the ring to show pride and devotion of a certain sorority or achievement that meant dearly to them.

Graduation rings are also known as grad rings, class rings, or senior rings.  The idea started about 30 years ago at a military academy in America, west point.  The ring has a special way to be worn as well.  The ring must face outwards while in school, and turned around when the students leave the school, showing they have now left and have finally grown up.  The ring is worn on the left hand and cannot be replaced or put on another finger. Wearing the ring shows the devotion and remembrance of a vow taken or promises made in honor of a higher purpose and past experiences.

A lot of places use these rings as symbols of near completion of something.  These are beautiful rings with a lot of meaning and love behind it.  The owner has a lot of pride in the ring as it represents previous achievements and is generally made to represent every individual.  It’s rather easy to do now as there are programs and sites you can go to, that will guide you in making the ring perfect for you.  These sites are easy to find on Google. Although choosing a ring is very personal and time should be taken to finding the individuals ideal stone and pattern so spending lots of time with a jeweler is the best way to go about by finding the graduation ring of your chose. Sororities and frat houses have set designs and all members that pass through these houses wear the houses designs and decisions but these rings can later be altered to the individual’s needs and desires. Graduation rings are meant to be chunky and stand out from any other trendy ring. These are status symbols that show off the league or class you belong to. They show the social standing of the wearer and this is the public display of past choices and experiences.

Graduation rings are fairly cheap for what they mean to the owner and very beautiful.  It has actually become a trend to have one of these rings, and their prices start anywhere from $75 to considerably more.

A graduation ring is an indication of the wearers pride and humanity and should not be shrugged off as just another ring. This ring embodies the wearers past and future dreams. There is no price for the best graduation gift into the real world…