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Show Your Love with Heart Rings

"I love you, I love you, I love you". Nothing says "I love you" to your female soul mate than a heart ring. For centuries, rings have been an expression of love and commitment- men have been giving women engagement and wedding rings for as long as we can remember. However, maybe you aren't ready for that stage yet (or maybe you are already married to your 'the one'). Why not then give her a special gift of a heart ring to show how much you care for her.

Rings with hearts on them are literally everywhere, so there are tons to choose from in all different styles and designs. You can get gold and silver rings molded into heart shapes; or with a heart design on them. You can get rings with one heart on them; or a band with hearts all around it. Or if you are prepared to really flash the cash, how about a heart-cut diamond? She really would love you forever!

There's also the traditional 'Tiffany' ring. 'Tiffany' does a good selection of heart rings- one to suit everyone's style. It'll break the bank a bit however!

Or maybe you want something a bit more traditional. Why not try an Irish Claddagh ring. This has a traditional Irish design of two hands clasping a heart that has a crown on top; and it stands for love, friendship and loyalty. These rings have a real history to them, and make great sentimental gifts with real thought behind them.

Or if you are young, you pop into any girl's fashion accessory store, and pick up a costume jewelry heart ring for not much at all. There's a great little company in the UK (who do mail order) called 'Kooqi' who do gorgeous cute, bright girly rings for a moderate price. These rings are silver, have a multi-colored patterned heart stone in the centre. The perfect gift for your sweetheart!

But what's more important than the ring is what it means- it's you showing your love; so she's bound to adore it whatever it's style. It's you giving her a symbol that says she really means something to you, and that's special. Choose something however that you know she would wear and enjoy. No-one else knows her style better than you; so have a look around for something that’s says 'her'. Plus, you'll get brownie points if it's something in a style she really likes!

Oh, and yes, to all you girls and women out there who love hearts and flowers and all things feminine- feel free to buy yourself one too. They are cute and fashionable and make great presents for best friends as well.

Spread the love, and get some heart rings today.