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Key Rings...So Many to Choose From!


Key rings- just a thing to hang your keys from? No! They are a fun and unique way to express your personality. Guys and girls all use them; and I’m sure have much more than one!

Do you stick with just the same boring old key ring all the time? Well, don't- open up to the world of key rings: they are a fashion accessory, a memento, and a holiday souvenir.

They are a perfect way to remember treasured times abroad, or much-enjoyed trips to museums. Buy them and swap them about; or just put them all on your keys! Being able to pick them up for just a dollar or two means there's no excuse not to start collecting.

While most people have the cheaper key rings from holiday destinations; there is another option for the more fashion conscious and label obsessed. Most designer brands, such as Gucci and Prada, have their own range of key rings costing up to $150 dollars. If you can't afford a bag from their range; have a key ring and get that little piece of designer heaven!

Key rings also make great gifts. Give someone one as a daily reminder of what they mean to you. You can get a wide range of key rings with love and friendship messages for friends and family. You can also get key rings ready for a photograph of your choice to be inserted into them. Keys are used everyday; so they'll never forget you! It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Of course, key rings need not be used just for keys. Girls, why not get a really decorative one and hook it onto the zipper of your handbag- it's the perfect way to refresh a plain tired bag and give it a new look.

Key ring collecting can also be a fun and inexpensive hobby for children. Encourage them to buy key rings when they visit places they enjoy; and they can also exchange them with friends and get ones from countries they've never been. You can also get key rings with games on them- so there's no more getting bored in the car again!

They also make for an excellent way to promote your business; and can be very cheap to make. Give one to potential clients, and they'll be thinking of you everyday.

Key rings are personal; so show off your taste with one. Get one with a phrase that says something about you. Are you a 'Princess' or just 'Sexy'? Or just use them for practical purposes- prone to loosing your keys? Well get one with a key detector on it. Or how about one with a light for when you are stumbling home in the dark from a night out on the town. Or are you a girl who might just need a handy pen or mirror on the go...or a bottle opener?! They are all available and ready for you to buy, buy, and buy!