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Men's Rings: A Ring Is a Man's Thing Too


Men, Men, Men – a ring isn't just for a woman! Millions of men wear them too; and they can look pretty cool. Men's rings can be worn as a wedding band; or on any finger (including the thumb) as a fashion statement. Many famous men, including Colin Farrell and David Beckham, enjoy wearing rings...and look pretty damn sexy in them too! Actually, men's jewelry makes up 10% of jewelry sales in the US. So what are you waiting for?

Men's rings are usually always bands, and are made much chunkier than woman's rings are; so as to look more masculine. They are usually plain, sleek and urban in appearance; contrasting with woman's rings which are more ornate and decorative. Traditional Irish rings of Celtic appearance are often a popular choice for men. These rings feature Celtic knot symbols are very manly in appearance. For a more urban look, I’d go for a ring in a silver metal or in black stone; and if you do want to look for something more grown-up and sophisticated, look for something that's gold, and spells class and wealth!

There's also the traditional signet ring; although this is now the realm of the older gentleman. Maybe, however, you are one of those! Signet rings tend only to come in Gold; and usually stand for something. It may be your initial, or the emblem of a club or society that you belong too. For example, a lot of college guys will wear fraternity rings from college. You do also get signet rings that are just slightly patterned; although these are harder to find nowadays; since they aren't as fashionable. It's an option however!

Men's rings also come in the form of wedding bands, and now (as of more recent times), engagement bands. Whether you choose to wear one of those however is your choice; though you both may find it nice to wear a symbol of your union. Men's engagement rings can even feature a diamond stone. Although this is a very small stone, set into the band of the ring. I think we'll leave the solitaires to the women!

Whatever the style, you don't tend to get men's rings in costume jewelry form; so be prepared to fork out a bit of money for one. Just about all quality jewelers store will have them; and most of the designer labels which carry jewelry; such as Gucci, has them too. How much you spend is up to you! Don't miss out on a hot trend for men though- get down to the store guys, and pop one on your finger! Oh, and girls, men's rings make good presents too; but I’d check with him first whether he's up for it or not!

Guys, go on... you know you want to!