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The History and Superstition Behind Mens Wedding Rings

There is a huge amount of superstition surrounding the gift or purchasing and the meaning of a wedding ring—mens wedding rings included. The lore of wedding rings state that the fourth finger that they grace has a vein running down the centre of it that is directly linked to the heart. This is the reason why the ring is placed on that finger. The symbol of the wedding ring is the circle itself that shows the everlasting bind between husband and wife that is never ending similar to the lore behind the eternal knot or trinity. If a person looses a wedding ring it is said that it should be replaced immediately and that the couple should take part in a renewal of vows ceremony. Once you are married it is considered by some unlucky to remove your ring at any time as this will signify a break in the bind and that the other partner will befall something nasty. The actual history behind the wedding ring dates back to two thousand BC in Egypt, it was then again used during the Roman times and many early examples of wedding rings lye in museums all over the world.

A mans choice of wedding rings is often thought of as plain and boring but in fact in today’s society there is so much more available on the market than first thought! Instead of just a choice that consists of nothing but plain bands you now have a choice that nearly rivals the woman’s choice! The first choice you have when it comes to selecting the man’s wedding ring is the metal from which it is made out of.
Men traditionally have rings that are made of hard wearing materials and the current trend is for platinum or titanium. Given that men do more with their hands and are rougher with them at what they do, choosing a ring that is both durable but will continue to look good is a must. Hence why most people now choose platinum or titanium as both of these metals fulfill the desired criteria. They can be thrown into almost any situation as they very hardly scratch nor do they dull will dirt too significantly. They are easily cleaned and polished with a cloth or taken to a jeweler and cleaned for a special occasion or maybe even once a year as regular maintenance.

The wedding rings can also come in different band widths ranging from the slim 4mm right up to a sturdy 10mm which is usually reserve for those who want to spend that bit extra and have the ring adorned with a few diamonds or gemstones as this shows them off better. The edges can be domed, beveled or even comfort fitted for the wearer ensuring this long lasting piece of jewelry is always going to be a fit that it perfect for its owner.  The band does not have to be plain either. There are some companies that supply you with a whole host of wedding rings for a man that are intricately designed. Some have a favorite team emblem on them, a cross for the religious, diamonds; gemstones, fancy pattern work and some men go for antiques.

When buying your wedding band remember that it is something you are going to wear for the rest of your life so it is best to pick something you like and love. The current trend for matching wedding rings for both men and women make the choice more romantic and the cost is less bought together than two separate rings. A man’s wedding ring can cost as little as $50 right up to the dazzling heights of millions of dollars!