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Looking at Military Rings

Military rings aren’t only reserved for those who actually serve. While there are special rings that are often given to military personnel, there are also all kinds of rings on the market for civilians as well, though these will not be the same as those given to the people who actually serve.

Military rings are the perfect way to show your pride in your military service. Whether it's the Navy, Coastguard, Air Force, Army or Marine Corps, there are hundreds of rings available to choose from. Military rings are also available which signify if the wearer was involved in a particular conflict or war. For example, Vietnam War rings, or Korean War rings. They are a symbol of what the wearer has done for their country, and of what they have survived as well as a reminder to everyone else that this person was a part of the fight for our freedom thanks to their sacrifice.

Most military rings are gold signets (but can also be made of other precious metals such as silver and platinum); featuring the emblem of your chosen military service. They are there, and are sold, for you to wear with pride. Military rings also make lovely gifts; honoring the dedication of your friends and family who serve, or have served, in the United States Military. It's a special way for you to show how proud you are of them.
Military rings can also be a great heirloom to pass through generations; remembering the history of their ancestor's selfless dedication. And speaking of history; what history buff wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a military ring with a little bit of a story behind it? Though rare; some of these gems turn up in antique shops from time to time and can be worth the look!

Military rings are available for both men and women. Plus, anyone can wear a military ring no matter what level of service they have reached. A large range is available to view on the internet; and you can design your own to personalize your ring to suit your own military history. For example, the can be personalized with your name and rank of service. Companies such as Balfour offer a great range of military rings. You can also choose the color and cut that you would like; so you really can create something that is truly original. The are three different main styles of military rings available. Firstly, there are the rings that are similar to school rings. They have a semi-precious stone set in the center; with the relevant emblems down the side of the ring. The second type of ring is a simpler design, often just a band engraved with insignia on the top; with a small gemstone sometimes set in the center. Lastly, the third main style of military ring is the most commonly seen- the signet, with the military seal on the front of the ring. So there are lots of different options to explore.

Honor you or your loved ones role in defending the United States with a military ring. It's something to treasure forever.