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Mothers Rings: A Great Way to Celebrate Motherhood

Mothers rings are a relatively new concept on the market that has given a timeless meaning to a brilliant idea. At the center of the ring lies the mother’s birth stone and surrounding it the birth stones of her children. This is an amazing idea that allows children of all ages to give their mother something that is unique and sentimental at the same time. Every child wonders what to get their mother’s for their birthday, Christmas or mothering Sunday and this gift is the perfect solution.
The metal used for the ring is a choice that is personal to the wearer. Most people will only wear one type of metal that they feel comfortable and happy in, but sometimes the choice is made because of allergy problems and others just prefer certain the metals. This can be said for all the metals, gold, white gold and rose gold. When you have all of your jewelry in platinum then you have reached the highest rung on the ladder and cannot go any further. So knowing what metal to use on your mother’s ring is often a very simple decision. What should also be a simple decision is the gemstones you should use, but for all of you that do not know the corresponding stones to the month, here is a list:

January – Garnet or Rose Quartz, February – Amethyst or Onyx, March – Aquamarine or Bloodstone, April – Diamond or Crystal Quartz, May – Emerald or Chrysoprase, June – Alexandrite, Moonstone or Pearl, July –Ruby or Carnelion, August – Peridot or Sardonyx, September – Sapphire or Lapis, October – Opal or Tourmaline, November – Topaz or Citrine and December – Tanzanite, Zircon or Turquoise. 

The choice of your birthstone can be quite simple if you look at the list given above but you can see that there still options for every month. A person who has their birthday in October, for example, can wear an opal but if they do not like it may choose to wear Tourmaline instead.  Or they could choose to wear an opal that is a very different color completely.  Opals come in a wide range of different colors and styles by choosing one that they like they are personalizing their birthstone.  Any of the birth stones can be treated in this manor so make sure you know what your mother truly likes before splashing out on such a personal and unique gift as unless there is something drastically wrong with it they are not returnable due to an error on your part. Because they are hand made and customized to each ring the seller cannot just accept it back and sell it to someone else. The chances of being able to do that is very low so make sure that you have all agreed on the right stone that are to be set into the mother’s ring before you order and pay for it.