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Opal Rings - October Babies Take Note!

Opals are well known as the birthstone for those born in October. It is said by some that it is unlucky for anyone other than those born in October to wear them. There are many different types of Opal rings that are on the market and some of them are absolutely stunning. There are black opals, cantera opals, koroit opals, matrix boulder opal ring, white opals, Mexican opals, pastel Mexican cantera opals, quartzite matrix opals, tiger opals, andamooka crystal opals, black Australian opals, fire opals and blue opals just to name but a few. The color combinations are limitless and are absolutely stunning to the eye. Opals have always been quite popular among women but over the last few years they have suddenly become more and more popular again. A renewed interest has sparked a new line of opal rings onto the market making the designs spectacular, interesting and up to date.

Opals are stunning enough to be set on their own but they are also set in certain rings with diamonds. The diamonds although are a girls best friend, the opal is in a league in its own. The light reflections that are in an opal make them several different colors all at once. The cheapest opals are the white opals but the most expensive are the red fire opals which are the most striking and stunning opals on the market.  With the recent interest in pink gemstones and diamonds the pink opal has found a renewed market that has become very lucrative. They are always set in white gold as it brings out the color of them where as the other colors available in opals can be set in all colors of gold and platinum.

Opal rings can start as little as $20 for a white opal set in yellow gold and can go up to $100,000 for the more unique one-of-a-kind statement opals in platinum. Opals are worn more by woman than by men even though some men do wear them and often on their little fingers...very Godfather!

Woman however can be more flamboyant and can wear them in any size, color, metal and set with any other gemstone that you feel compliments your chosen opal.

When it comes to shopping for opal rings, the resources are pretty much endless if you consider online shopping.  All it takes is simply typing ‘opal rings’ into your browser you will find that a whole host of internet shops will be listed for your viewing pleasure. Buyer beware though! When buying any kind of jewelry on the internet make sure that you check out the stores reputation before you buy, especially when you’re talking about something as pricey as jewelry. Make sure that the shop has a valid address and telephone number so you can contact them if there is a problem. Some shops use a secure shopping “cart” to allow you to pay for your goods and the top of your browser will often change to the color green or will show a sign of a lock so that you know that the site is secure and your personal information has been encrypted. This way it makes it virtually impossible for you to have your information stolen. Look also for sites that use PayPal since you can make your purchase without divulging your financial information and are also protected as a buyer when you use them.