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Always a Classic - Pearl Rings
Pearl rings are as classic as a Chanel suit and as vast as far as selection goes. There are many different types of pearls that are available on the market to choose from; Fresh water pearls, cultured pearls and black pearls. Not everyone likes the look of pearls but for the people that do they often love to have more than one piece. Some people love the look of black pearls, some pink pearls and some white pearls, others only have antique pearls, others new pearls and Some people will only have real pearls where as others prefer the synthetic kind. With so many gorgeous options to choose from on the market nowadays, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to deciding on a new or even another pearl ring for yourself or someone else.
There are a lot of stores on the internet that specialize in the pearl industry and if you input pearl rings into your browser you will find that a whole host of internet shops will be listed for your viewing pleasure. When buying any kind of jewelry on the internet make sure that you check out the stores reputation before you buy. Make sure that the shop has a valid address and telephone number so you can contact them if there is a problem. Some shops use a secure shopping “cart” to allow you to pay for your goods and the top of your browser will often change to the color green or will show a sign of a lock so that you know that the site is secure and your personal information has been encrypted. This way it makes it virtually impossible for you to have your information stolen. Other sites will use PayPal which is also a site that enables you to buy things securely online.
Pearl rings start from $29 for fresh water pearls that are pink in color to $59 for a Japanese Akoya pearl and up to a starting price of $295 for a Tahitian pearls. The price can rise up to $20,000 and even $30,000 for pearls of a better size and quality. When buying a pearl that shouts luxury and class you will want to buy a Tahitian pearl. They are available in several sizes and the bigger they are the more expensive they are. The sheer beauty of the Tahitian pearl is breathtaking no matter what metal it is set into. Both Gold and platinum is especially stunning when combined with the Tahitian pearl, it can be further enhanced by adding diamonds to the shank of the ring, but it is not needed. For those who want a high end gift but not a huge price tag then the Japanese Akoya pearl is for you. It has all the quality and lustier of the Tahitian pearl but it can be worn for work and for special occasions alike. Whereas the fresh water pearl in a ring offers more flexibility as they grow in unusual and one off shapes which makes each piece unique and timeless.