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What Are Peridot Rings?
Peridot is a green and luxurious gemstone with a long and interesting history behind it. The first recorded use of Peridot is in the Egyptian times. There is jewelry within many museums all over the world that contain Peridot and not all of it dates from the Egyptian times. Peridot was also favored by the Romans and is shown in many of their architectural designs and buildings. Because of the years past, the Peridot has become dull and lifeless but with the discovery of a new mine and today’s techniques the Peridot can now be fully shown off to its true potential. Peridot has had a long and colorful history during which the stone itself has swept back in and out of fashion several times. In the late nineteenth century the joy and popularity of Peridot jewelry swung back in to fashion and earrings often had Peridot stones in them. It was decided also that the Peridot stone would become the gemstone that would represent the birth month of August. It is also known as a form of opal in some circles. It comes in one color only and only a few gem stones on the market come this way. The predominant color is a yellow green color and once polished become a rich green color. Some people do mistake Peridot for emeralds and green sapphires because of the color, but it is a completely different gemstone completely. The largest recorded Peridot weighs in at three hundred and ten carats; its current home is within a museum in Washington DC , America .
Peridot rings are not cheap when it comes to the price and can range from $500 right up to $50,000 depending on the metal used to encase the stone. Also the carat weight of the stone and color quality is also taken into account when it comes to the price. It is said that Peridot brings the wearer luck and prosperity and it is a favorite gemstone for the Celts. In Ireland the Claddagh ring when adorned in gemstone is often adorned in Peridot. They believe that the stone brings the wearer the luck and prosperity associated with true love and friendship. This form of promise ring when adorned with Peridot says that the giver promises the wearer to look after and care for them financially. Peridot is often the main feature gemstone in the ring but it can be coupled with other gemstones that enhance the true beauty of the stone; Citrine, Blue Sapphire and Diamond.
Peridot is also traditionally given on a couple’s sixteenth wedding anniversary so men often buy their wife this type of ring as a present on this special anniversary. Because of the stone’s reputation it is often best to allow your other half the opportunity to pick out the ring themselves as the choice of stone is often a choice that should be made by the wearer.