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Pink Diamond Rings: Pretty Expensive Bling

The fashion for colored diamonds has become an instant trend. This is down to the celebrities who want to show off their wealth and with us being so conscious of this we also feel the need to follow suit. Pink diamonds are very rare and because of this they are very expensive to buy. Not all stores can afford to sell pink diamond rings or any jewelry containing pinks diamonds as a matter of fact! This may explain why we only ever really see the likes of Paris Hilton or Jennifer Lopez sporting pink diamonds!

The largest pink diamond in the world is named the Darya-i-Nur and it is approximately one hundred and eighty five carats. The color of the diamond is pale pink and it is rectangular cut, it ranks as the sixteenth largest diamond in the world. The second largest pink diamond in existence that is recorded and is the thirty seventh largest diamonds in the world is the star of the South. It is cut in a cushion shape and is weighed in at one hundred and twenty eight carats. Another is the Nepal pink diamond which is cut in an oval and weighs seventy two carats.

When it comes to buying diamonds, especially pink ones, it is all about the clarity of the diamond, but with clarity comes price, meaning the better the clarity, the more bucks you pay. The clarity of the diamond is what makes it either sparkle or dazzle the eye or makes the diamond look dull and have next to no sparkle at all. Sometimes the clarity of a diamond is referred to as the purity of the diamond or the quality of the diamond, hence why such importance is put on this. The clarity of a diamond, especially when it comes to pink diamonds, describes the clearness of the diamond and how much the light reflects through it without hitting any flaws or inclusions. Another thing that needs to be considered and will affect your budget is the carat weight of the diamond.  All diamonds are weighed in carats and can range from a point of a carat right up to hundreds of carats. When it comes to rings you have to think about how often you will be wearing the ring as you would not want to wear a ring that was too heavy to the point of looking gaudy…though a shameless display of wealth can be kinda nice sometimes!

You may need to play with different sizes and clarities in order to meet your planned budget; giving up a little size for some extra sparkle or vice versa. Some of us are willing to get a smaller diamond just for the pleasure of knowing that it’s worth more and a better quality stone. Then again, some of us don’t mind knowing that our diamond has a flaw or two in exchange for a bigger rock to show off—especially if the flaws aren’t really visible to the naked eye!