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What Makes Princess Cut Engagement Rings So Great?
A Princess cut diamond has such dazzling and sparkle that it makes it the second most requested diamond cut on the market today and this goes for princess cut engagement rings as well. How the diamond is cut makes it a princess diamond and to do this the diamond cutter needs to squarely cut the top of the stone and then bevel the edges so that it looks like an up side down pyramid. This style of cutting only came onto the market in the nineteen seventies and so far has grown with each year in popularity. The princess cut has seventy six facets which is similar to the brilliant cut diamond but without losing any of the carat of the diamond within the cutting process. The princess cut helps to conceal any color or clarity problems that the diamond may have making some of them quite reasonable when it comes to the price. The only problem with the princess cut is that the edges are quite susceptible to chipping quite easily. This can be combated by making the mount cover the edges of t he diamond but it does make them seem less brilliant.
They are the popular choice when it comes to engagement rings and are the most commonly asked for diamond cut when it comes to the purchases of an engagement ring. Fashions do change over time but a diamond is always timeless. The clarity of a diamond makes it either sparkle and dazzle to the eye or make the diamond look dull and have no sparkle at all. Sometime the clarity of a diamond is referred to as the purity of the diamond or the quality of the diamond, hence why such importance is put on this. The clarity of a diamond describes the clearness of the diamond and how much the light reflects through it without hitting a slight flaw. The second thing that is important and the question you need to ask your price range is the carat weight. All diamonds are weighed in carats and can range from a point of a carat right up to hundreds of carats. When it comes to rings you have to think about the fact that of how often you will be wearing the ring as you would not want to wear a ring that was too heavy as it would hurt. But you can get diamonds with good weight to them but not enough clarity and others a smaller weight but a larger amount of clarity. The princess cut diamond still requires the clarity to be kept in your mind but it is not essential as the cut covers a multitude of sins. The decision is really up to you and also what budget you have set.
A princess cut diamond of a small point but good clarity can cost around $2,000 where as a princess cut diamond with a greater carat weight but lower clarity can cost around $4,000. The ideal of course is to find a princess cut diamond with good carat weight and good clarity this can set you back around $10,000. You can find the price varies from dealer to dealer and the metal of your choice that encases your chosen princess cut diamond (Gold 9, 12, 14 & 18 carat, Sliver, platinum, titanium and white gold) can make a difference to the price. Going to a source i.e. a diamond mine can reduce the price incredibly.