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Sapphire rings: The Poor Girl’s Colored Diamonds

Since the trend for colored stones have become a huge trend in fashion in the last couple of years, the sales of sapphires in all of the beautiful colors has skyrocketed!  I’m pretty certain that this longing for colored stones on rings—big ones—came from J-Lo flashing around her HUGE pink diamond…or was it yellow…after her engagement to Ben Affleck. Since then it seems that everyone wanted a big pink…or yellow…diamond ring. So what does this have to do with sapphires? Easy! Who in real life can afford a big pink diamond ring?? Buying sapphire rings in anyone of their gorgeous colors is the most affordable option for anyone who wants to have a similar look.

I’m not saying by any stretch though that buying a sapphire ring means that you’re settling in anyway! As a matter of fact, Sapphire rings are excellent rings to have because they are beautiful and durable and best of all, inexpensive in comparison to many other stones. Pink, blue and yellow are just some of the color options and the way that they are set can actually alter the shade of that color that they are. They are normally set in 10ct or 18ct white gold to bring out the shine and color in the stone itself and pink and yellow sapphire look especially gorgeous on white gold.  A blue sapphire stone is actually a very dark blue stone but you wouldn’t even know it with the way some of them are set, making them look bright and vibrant. A nice touch that can be added to a ring with a sapphire is to add 2 little diamonds on either side of this stone to emphasize the beauty and color of this stone. By adding a light color on either side of  sapphire rings you get a contrast between the two, making the sapphire look darker and much more beautiful and alive.

A particular favorite of mine which also happens to be a style that is one of the best selling as far as sapphire rings go, is a 1ct blue sapphire ring, set in a broad band of 10ct yellow gold, and surrounded by small circle of brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds actually need to have what would for other purposes be considered a bad cut or a certain cut where the light, instead of bouncing in and out the top again, bounces in and out the sides instead, pointing towards the sapphire.  This really lightens up the sapphire beautifully and makes the light dance out of the sapphire into a viewer’s eye. Beautiful!!   Alternately, you can get an 18ct white gold ring as this does basically the same thing, but instead just reverts the light back out better than the yellow gold does.  The nice thing about the white gold is that you don't have to have diamonds surrounding it. The white gold works as a diamonds would, directing light straight through the sapphire and making it shine like the diamonds would have. 

No matter how you cut it, sapphire rings are one of the most beautiful and affordable choices on the market as far as rings go. Get them for fashion or even get them on an engagement or wedding ring! It may not be a colored diamond, but J-Lo ain’t got nothin’ on ya’ if you get a nice cut!!