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Silver Rings: A Cheap But Gorgeous Option

If you’re a jewelry junkie on a budget then silver will be your best friend. Silver jewelry comes in different varieties and styles, including silver rings and though not as cheap as costume jewelry, it is definitely affordable, especially when you consider how sturdy it is as well as versatile.

Silver is usually highly polished for a brilliant sheen, though in recent years the look of a matte or brushed silver has become trendy and used in everything from fashion rings to wedding bands. The main draw back to silver rings though is that they have a tendency to tarnish. This happens because the impurities that are in the sliver react with the impurities in the air. Silver polish and silver cloths can get your sliver looking all new and shiny again and since it does so really easily; it makes silver worth buying even with the tarnish factor.

Silver rings are growing in popularity today not only with the younger and fashionable crowd but also with couples looking for gifts for each other. Since silver is very cheap in comparison to gold and platinum, silver ends up being the perfect option for gifts on a budget. Also, because silver is so commonly used, the selection of styles is incredible! You can also find silver rings in a variety of designs just about everywhere from jewelry stores to department stores and even street vendors! It is also an easy metal to work with so having a one of a kind piece made for a loved one will still prove pretty affordable.

As mentioned, the use of silver for engagement and wedding rings has really become the thing to do in the last few years. Not only can you find all of the same classic and modern styles of wedding bands and engagement rings that come in gold and other more expensive materials, but you can also find them at a fraction of the cost so you don’t blow your entire weddings budget on the rings!

The most popular silver today has a property of 925 silver. The other has a make up percentage of copper, zinc, or nickel. This silver is popular because it’s more durable than pure silver yet still maintains its radiance and shine. The styles of silver rings that are used for engagement and wedding rings are often made of a combination of materials to help make it stronger and more resistant to wear and tear because of the fcat that they are going to be worn daily and put through quite a bit. They are usually made up of silver alloy that contains a seven point five percent of a harder alloy like copper, which gives it more strength and durability. Sterling silver has a Millesimal fineness grading of 925. The Millesimal fineness is the system for testing the purity of metals like gold or silver. Fine Silver 999 has a grading of 99.9% which is what bullion bars of silver are made of.

Now that you know all you possibly could about silver rings, you can head out into the world of silver shopping and buy to your hearts content!