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Skull Rings: Sign of All Things Punk, Goth and Just Cool

Since the dawn of the punk rocker the more gothic ring styles have come back into fashion and have stayed there with a loyal following of fans (think skull rings, crosses, etc). Gothic rings were fashionable back in the sixteenth and seventeenth century and they were part of the movement know in history as the gothic age. Architecture was made in such a way that people perceived it as dark but beautiful.

Poets and writers all over the world were drawn into the age and its romantic but scary vibe. Some of histories most famous gothic literature was written at this time and the trend for jewelry that was also gothic in nature grew. It was around this time that a new style of ring was forged for the masses; the skull ring. Up until this point the only people that dare to wear a ring like this had been pirates and dogs of the sea as some called them. So the full weight of the pirate legends and the gothic behind the skull ring was born. In the nineteen eighties a new culture formed from the bubbling of the seventies and was to become known to the rest of history as the punk rock years. Music changed and became very low and depressing. The gothic culture has always continued under the under current but it was now that it merged with punk and spat out a new breed which would wear the skull ring. In today’s society it is totally normal for any type of person to wear a skull ring although they do still seem to have a certain stigma attached to them that consist of rough males in black eye shadow and girls that are teenagers obsessed with Gothicism.

Recently the skull ring has been made with a mass market in mind rather than the one of kind statement pieces of the past and can be found in almost any metal, in any shape and with gemstones all over it for the bespoke look. They can be personalized and made to measure in any style and in any way. There are several specialty stores online and otherwise that cater to the more “bizarre” rings or all things rock and roll. You can also usually find them kicking around on the displays of all kinds of street vendors and even flea market vendors! So much for standing up against the masses! I wouldn’t let the whole mass production thing stop you from buying a skull ring if you see something that tickles your hard-edged fancy. Who says you have to pay a fortune to get a good piece of finger candy? And who says you even need to tell anyone where you got it anyway?

If skull rings and other bizarre, goth or even morbid pieces are your thing, then have a look around and get what appeals to you since you’ll be the one wearing it!