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Stainless Steel Rings - A Manly Choice

Rings, or bands of any kind, have traditionally always been made out of rare metals such as gold, platinum or silver. But as the ages have progressed rings have begun to appear that have appealed more to the manly side of romance and fashion. Stainless steel rings have become especially popular with males as wedding bands because of their edgy appeal.

Stainless steel is a very hard metal that cannot be resized or changed once molded. Stainless steel rings are generally made in what is considered a standard male size. If the ring is too large or to small it cannot be resized due to the strength of the metal, therefore in order to obtain a stainless steel ring in your own unique size it must be ordered in in your size.  Stainless steel rings are made by machine, just like a titanium ring, and thus may take several weeks to make and can pose some inconvenience, but stainless steel rings do have their advantages as well. You can get stainless steel rings from most jewelers and they can order in different sizes with ease. 

Stainless steel is a metal with the rare quality of never dulling or loosing its shine. The metal may scratch occasionally but only under extreme conditions. Another great advantage to a stainless steel ring is that it will last a life time and will remain unharmed though if you are rough with the ring then it is very likely that the ring is going to scratch. To get an idea of just how strong stainless steel is; stainless steel is mainly used to make cutlery!  Because cutlery is exposed to water and chemicals for most of it’s life they chose to use stainless steel instead of other metals because it withstands constant use, exposure to water and corrosion. This is definitely not a ring that you will need to be careful with!

Stainless steel rings are considered ‘a mans’ ring, this is why you will never or rarely find a stainless steel ring for women.  They can however be found for women, or you can alternatively go to a jeweler who can make it for you, but the chances of you finding a jeweler who can do this for you is minute. If you are looking for a long lasting ring that will remain pleasant to observe for most of its life then stainless steel is the way to go.  These rings will more then likely last for 5 or so years before it is recommended to get a new one because of scratches that can be attained during rough activates, such as fixing your car, carrying heavy stuff, etc. 

If you can’t find a ring in Titanium then it is recommended to get a stainless steel ring instead to get yourself the look and strength that you crave.

Stainless steel can be bought in every country around the world and because it is a very common metal it normally doesn’t cost more than $100 making it quite cheap and easy to replace which is great if you don’t like consistency or are in the habit of losing things! Probably a safe bet as far as your choice of metal when choosing your wedding band...just in case!