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The Coveted Steelers Rings

Is it any surprise that the interest in Steelers rings has just skyrocketed again now that they’ve got yet another Super Bowl victory under their belts! In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t already know; the Steelers (The Pittsburgh Steelers) are a football team that is based in…duh…Pittsburgh. They are not only the Super Bowl champions but have also won the bowl more times than any other team. To be more precise, they have to date won six times and have also won the AFC championships seven times so combined they are THE football team to be reckoned with!

The Steelers have many fans all over the world and fanatical collectors that would give their right arm to have one of their championship rings. The Super Bowl ring is given to the winners of the highlight game of the season for players that participate in the National Football League’s annual game. The rings are made of gold with diamonds encrusted into them which form the teams’ logo and the year that the ring was given out. The rings are paid for by the Nation Football League and cost between $5,000 and $6,000 each. It is not just the players who receive the rings either, it is up to the winners of the game (the team themselves) who the rings are presented to, to honor their part in getting the team to the championship game and also winning it. They are presented with one hundred and fifty of the rings but if they decide to take more than is offered the team has to pay out for any number that is over the one hundred and fifty given and paid for by the National Football league.  The rings that are given to the players have their own personal number that they play on it and also their full names. The brave and hardworking men that earn these rings are very proud to wear and show them off to their fans.  Because of their liability and popularity the ring market has sprung up their own versions of the rings that the fans can buy to show their pride in their teams. These replicas can fetch a good price with the originals if they every come up for sale being a collectors item and go often for a handsome price that is often more than they were worth when they were bought by the national football league in the first place.

The Steelers Super bowl rings are that special that they depict on the last one they received six trophies above the team logo. The amount of diamonds that were put into those rings was a new record for the National Football League. Because of this if one of these rings was to ever go onto the open market for sale then it has been predicted that the ring itself would sell for millions of $ far more than the ring is worth in gold and diamonds but to a fan and a person who respects history it is priceless. It is believed that there are so many replicas on the market that if a real ring were to be put on to the market that no one would still miss the opportunity if it could be proved for its authenticity.