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Sterling Silver Rings: An Affordable Investment to Last A Lifetime

We’ve all seen sterling silver whether in jewelry or something else, but few of us actually know what it’s comprised of and how it’s made! So for you, here are a few interesting facts about sterling silver before we get into things like styles and uses and some specifics about sterling silver rings.

Sterling silvers are an alloy of 92% pure silver and 8% few other metals normally copper. The origination of sterling silver started because we know that fine silver are very soft to be used in any large functional objects, therefore the silver is usually alloyed with copper and aluminum to give it strength and at the same time preserving its features and beauty.  There are three possible origins for the word "sterling". Two of the words originate in 12th and 13th century from coinage, and one is generally discounted. And it could have been derived from English word “stiere” which means “strong” or “firm” or “immovable”.

Sterling silver is present in many forms but it is most commonly known as a material used to make various forms of jewelry like pendants, bracelets, etc. One of its main forms is sterling silver rings, which are always a fashion hit with today’s youths and adults alike. Its popularity is due to the fact that sterling silver jewellery is not just very beautiful and available in a variety of styles, but it is also not very expensive at all. More people choose sterling silver because of its delicate work and various designs.

One of the only disadvantages of sterling silver is that it gets darkened over time and tarnishes. This happens a lot faster if weather is humid or anywhere near beach. To keep the jewellery intact and good in condition, these conditions should be kept in mind at early stages .They should be kept in close areas or in boxes where they have no contact with such conditions. Another point to be kept in mind is that the sterling silver should be cleaned by a cloth and it should be wiped in curves and corner shapes to keep the dirt away. Even gold needs to be polished once in a while so does’ sterling silver. Many people are jewellery lovers especially women of all ages and cannot get enough of jewellery shopping. Jewellery could get old but some of its designs never go out of fashion. Sterling silver rings tend to be shiny when you by it but the sparkly touch will fade away as time passes. The care for the jewellery should be started as soon as it is being bought by keeping it in a safe box and keeping it clean.

By taking the time to choose sterling silver rings in timeless and classic styles and also to clean them and care for them properly, you are pretty much guaranteed a ring that will last you beyond your life time. What a great value for such a small investment! Not only do you get an exquisite piece of jewellery but you also get something that could very well prove to be a family heirloom!