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Making a Statement With Thumb Rings

Since the dawn of the alternative fashions thumb rings have been a must have for some people. They are considered as a niche market but there are plenty of shops available online and sometimes even in your traditional jewelers there are a selection of thumb rings. In the nineteen sixties a new culture formed from the bubbling of free love and freedom and people began to wear rings that were placed on their thumbs rather than on their fingers.  Music changed and became very happy and bubbly, which influenced the wearing of the thumb ring. In today’s society it is totally normal for any type of person to wear a thumb ring regardless of the person’s age, their race, sex and sexual preferences. You will be surprised by the amount of people that wear thumb rings and who they are. You will see teachers wearing them, preachers, secretaries, heads of state and even civil servants. And most surprising you may even find your grandparent wearing one!!! Wearing a ring is an ageless and timeless statement that you make throughout your life, expressing your moods and showing others where you are in your lives by wearing different rings at different times.

Recently the thumb ring has been made with a mass market in mind rather than the one off statement pieces that have been made in the past. They are made from almost every metal available and can be in any style, shape and can be adorned with gemstones to create a unique look. Anything is possible; just ask your jeweler what they can do and it can be done. There are many places on the internet that you can purchase the right ring for you. Just putting in thumb rings into your Colorado SEO you will find a lot of different jewelers that now specialize in them. Online auction sites stocking them and tones of information about them. When you buy yourself a thumb ring you may find that people may treat you differently because as a teenager if you wear them people will perceive that you are tough and a force to be reckoned with. Is a thumb ring the height of sophistication? Probably not so much, but it’s definitely a trendy little bit of bling that can make any outfit appear more hip!

The cost of thumb rings has risen with the popularity of them. They can cost as little $20 if they are plain and made of silver, if they are made of gold and plain they will cost around $50, if made out of platinum and plain they can cost around $100. If you are after a more intricate design in sliver it will cost around $30 to $50, Gold $60 to $80 and if in platinum $120 to $200. If you would like a gem stone put into the design then you can expect to pay a further $20 to $1000 unless you want a diamond then the cost of the diamond is put on top of the base metal fee. You should always make sure that you keep your thumb ring clean and have it polished at least once a month. Your jeweler can do this for you for a small fee but you can buy the cleaning stuff as well and do it yourself saving yourself money along the way.