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 Titanium Rings: A Bold Choice

Titanium rings have become increasingly popular in recent years and are considered to be on the high end of metals as far as titanium rings and other jewelry goes. You’d never know from it’s discovery and original uses that it would prove to be one of the most admired and sought after materials for making jewelry. Discovered in 1791 while analyzing some black magnetic sand from Cornwall; a residue found was thought to be a new metal.  It wasn’t until 4 years later that it was harnessed and named titanium after ‘Titans’, the first sons of earth in Greek mythology. Titanium later started to be use for making aircraft, pigment, sport equipment, golf clubs, bicycle, eye glasses and more and the eventually started getting used for making rings and jewelry thanks to it being very attractive, strong, cool to touch, light weight, durable, hypo allergic and affordable.

Due to growing popularity in jewelry; a wide variety of titanium rings started being made and are available now in a range of styles for various occasions. Here are just a few: prepared for every special occasion and for everyone. To list few of them, we have:

•    Titanium wedding ring: wedding rings are made stylish, modern and ready to wear as titanium are light in weight and have a good lustre. It can be attired with diamond, cubic zirconium or any coloured stones.
•    Coloured titanium ring: A selection of colours can be made from the list and it can be made in titanium to give it a cool look.
•    Designer titanium ring: titanium makes classic, Celtic and modern designs of rings. Rings can be customized in any way.
•    Women’s titanium rings: A special category of women’s designer rings are prepared.
•    Men’s titanium rings: Men’s titanium rings are still very exotic, and stylish in its own way.
•    Engraved titanium ring: Any text can be engraved within the ring which gives a ring yet another beautiful look.
•    Celtic titanium ring: Celtic rings are made with great style and keeping tradition in mind.
•    Kanji titanium ring: kanji is ideogram based on Chinese character. Each kanji character has its own words, meaning and ideas.
•    Ambigram titanium rings: Ambigram means inscriptions that can be read forward as well as backward. Hence ambigram rings are made and the text is read both ways.
•    Custom titanium rings: one can design one’s own style by having something engraved of his or her choice on the ring.

Some other interesting facts: Titanium’s natural color is cool silver gray deeper than silver or white gold. Titanium’s production has grown up to 8% per year. Earlier when it was discovered it was used for military applications but now it has more commercial uses and its commercial use is growing each day but it is the use of it in rings that will continue to make it one of the most profitable materials in our history.

Wow, to think that you get all of that for such a low price! It definitely makes titanium rings worth considering for fashion, everyday wear or even for your wedding rings!