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Tongue Rings: Definitely Worth The Pain

Having your tongue pierced is a big decision and you need to make sure you are truly happy with the idea before you have it done. Body piercing has been around for a long time and became very fashionable in the seventies and has recently received a new revival of trend within the last ten or so years. The most common piercing is the navel ring but the tongue piercing, inspite of it's seemingly painful spot, is catching up with many teenagers and even adults getting in on the trend. Tongue rings are worn by both sexes, and are not associated with one sex more than another like earrings in specific ears once were.

If you look on the internet you will see plenty of sites that supply tongue rings and bars. Some people prefer the bars as they are more flexible and there is also a lot more choices. Most bars are made out of stainless steel but you can find them made from gold. Bars come in a multitude of different sizes from 8mm right up to 20mm. When you first have your tongue pierced you will be fitted with either a 20mm or 18mm bar as this enables the tongue to swell, which it will do. When the swelling goes down which will take approximately four to six weeks later you will be able to have the bar change down to a smaller size that is personal  to you. During your healing you will be required to wash your mouth out with a special mouth wash which will keep the piercing clean. Don’t do it too often as you can upset the balance of bacteria in your mouth and you end up getting thrush in your mouth which is very unpleasant.

You will find that your speech is affected and you will find it hard to eat for a while but the over all effect is worth it! The most interesting—and exciting—thing about tongue rings is that some people get their tongue pierced for sexual reasons! Hubba-hubba!! It is said that when kissing a person with a tongue ring they feel an electric spark feeling which arouses them. Also when a couple “gets down to business” it can be very arousing for the partner who receives…well…let’s just call ‘em ‘specila kisses’…because it makes a complete difference to the sensations felt! When both partners in the couple have their tongue pierced kissing can be a whole new electrifying experience and because of this it has become a trend for those who are willing to experiment.

On a less sexy note, you will need to take your piercing out from time to time and there are plastic retainers available on the market. Some reasons that require you to take them out are if you have to have an operation or you have to remove it for your job. The plastic retainer allows the piercing to be kept out of the hole for long periods which you then take out and replace when you can put your bar in. Some people only wear their tongue rings in the evening and on the weekends as this are the only time they can be themselves thanks to the rules and regulations of the corporate world and such. But even if only enjoyed on your downtime; I’d say it may still be worth the ‘ouch’ factor, wouldn’t you?