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Turquoise Rings: Rare and Beautiful
We know that turquoise rings and other jewelry are exceptionally vibrant and pretty, but how much do you know about turquoise itself? Well prepare for some gemstone 101.
Turquoise is a very rare gemstone and has a very blueish green shade to it. It has been used through out history by many civilizations as a stone in decoration of many fine pieces of architecture and has been mined out to almost extinction.
Turquoise jewelry is available for viewing in practically every museum through out the world. Some of the more famous pieces include the Egyptian jewels, Aztec jewels and is a favorite of the Japanese even to this day. The use of this gemstone in jewelry dates back to before 1000 CE and has been used in practically every way to adore every type of material, metal and natural objects. It has always been considered as a beauty to see and observe and a prize to own. The Turkish were the main culprits of this flamboyancy when it came to their tiles, ornamental pieces and even their churches. Turquoise is such a hard wearing gemstone that to see some of these ancient pieces still look today as fresh as they did the day they were mined and then used.  Many of the ancient mines have all been dry of the gemstone for several centuries but there are certain mines that are still producing to this day. They are careful not to over mine them and the mining is done by hand only so that all of the stone recovered is not wasted by being blasted to bits by machinery or TNT. Some new sites have been found over the years in rich copper mines and the turquoise is often found there by accident. Much of the turquoise that is on the current market is synthetic but it has been massed produced in such a fashion that even the true experts are unable to tell a real true piece compare next to a synthetic piece. 
Rings that have turquoise in them are normally given to people who have it as their birthstone (December) and is believed to bring the wear great wisdom and luck especially in health matters. It can be set in any metal and with any gemstone but they are more often than not used as the dominant stone so as not to detract from the sheer wonder that comes when you behold the stone and see the wonder behind it. Because most turquoise is often synthetic the price reflects this although if a real piece is used the price will suddenly go through the roof, especially if the color of it is more blue than green and it does not have any impurity spots running through it. A piece in a smaller setting in silver can be as low as $10 but the quality will not be great at all. A good quality piece will set you back $500 and depending on the metal chosen to mount it, it can go up as far as $3,000. If the turquoise is set with diamonds around it then the sky is the limit depending on the clarity and carat of the diamond set with it.