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Vintage Engagement Rings:  A Look At Each Era

A vintage engagement ring is one gift which anyone can give to his beloved and feel proud of thanks to intrinsic charm, uniqueness and beauty as well as history. Vintage engagement rings are actually those that are known to be more than approximately fifty years old. Over the course of the years there were various eras that had their very own fashion in rings and jewellery designs which means that when looking for a vintage ring, you will be met with all kinds of options based on the eras that you may be interested in. Let’s have a look at some of the different eras and the styles that represents each one.

During 1900 to 1920 that was Edwadian period, the material used for making rings those times was platinum, light and soft designs were used those days. Exotic laces, piercing fronts were used for mounting on top of the ring those days. Rose colored diamonds were very much fashion those day as well. These precious stones were used in abundance in those days.

Then there were also Victorian designs in rings in Victorian era. This era also used many diamonds and incorporated them into sophisticated designs. The use of pearls was also very dominant during the Victorian era. A classic Victorian engagement ring is Tiffany six pronged diamond ring.

Then there was the colourful Art Deco period between 1920 to 1930. During this era the use of machinery came into play and greatly influenced the styles of rings and everything else for that matter! Master pieces were created in this era using multi coloured gemstone, diamond and platinum for a truly sparkling effect to the rings. In this era there was a shift from a softer look to a much harder and unusual look of rings. Today also, art deco rings are by far the most popular style in vintage engagement rings because the clear lines were visible from the shift in patterns of ring making. It led to a drift towards a much more fashion forward style in not only rings but in other jewellery as well. There was much personification of art and creativity and human imagination implemented into the rings and jewellery designed during this era making it no wonder that they are still so popular and even considered trendy in today’s society.

 These rings are found in many places like jewellery shops, estate sales, online web auctions and more. One word of caution though; buyers should be very cautious while buying their rings due to the amount of fraud. Sure you can knowingly buy a reproduction because you want the look without the price, but if you are on the market for a true vintage engagement ring then you need to be sure that you are indeed getting the authentic ring that you are paying for. Buyers should pay special heed towards the shop from where they are buying their product. Hang onto your receipt and do NOT buy without an appraisal certificate that will vouch for the ring’s description, clarity, size, age, cut, colour, condition etc. Precious stones should be checked for cracks and splits as softer stones can be easily damaged. And make sure that any inclusions in stones are indeed noted on your appraisal certificate as well.

Once you do finally have your vintage engagement ring in your possession, be sure that when cleaning the jewellery that proper care is used based on suggestions from your jeweller so that you can keep your vintage ring looking perfect for many lifetimes to come.