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Vintage Rings – Everything That’s Old is New and Cool Again

When a person thinks of a vintage ring they think of a ring that was made before the nineteen sixties. Vintage is very similar to antique in the fact that the ring will have age to it rather than something that is new and has according to some no soul. Most women want to own a vintage ring at some stage of their lives. This is something that is often accomplished when a member of their family passes away and they inherit a vintage ring. Vintage rings are unique and breathtaking and women just love to show off to the world that they own one. Vintage rings often unless you are very lucky, come with a large price tag attached. They are rings made in the yesteryear of jewelry design and the cut of the stone, not always a diamond, is very different from what we know and love today. Some couples and people, who are on their own in this life, have a special bond that they feel they have shared in a previous lifetime that is why they are drawn to buying a vintage ring. A vintage ring is often seeped in history and this special feeling is felt by all who touch the ring, for some it is nice but not for them, for others is it perfect.

Not everybody can afford a real vintage ring and some people buy a new ring that has been made in a vintage style. Because of the advances we have made in the jewelry business almost anything is possible and certain rings are made from scratch using new technology but have the look of a vintage style. Almost every jeweler can take an old vintage ring and create a new one from it or take a new ring and make it into a vintage style, the possibilities are endless.  The best prospect about owning a vintage ring is that they are often unique and you will never probably bump into another person who has the same ring as you, making the ring in a way unique which is what is timeless about them. The use of diamonds only is more of a recent trend when it comes to rings that are for general use but back in the vintage years every possible gemstone was used to create the perfect ring that was special to the wearer. This is also a unique selling point to owning a vintage ring.

There are some styles of vintage ring that will be perfect where as others you may find can be quite a problem. Certain rings that were designed in the nineteen sixties were often very big and bulky and you will find this too much of a pain to wear for a long period. They also dig into your fingers and can interfere with other rings that you wear on a more regular basis such as your wedding band causing pain so certain styles although nice are not meant to be worn all of the time. Looking further back to the Georgian period the rings there were also unsuitable for today’s modern woman. The rings back then were made for ladies who took tea in an afternoon and the only work they were partial to was letter writing and looking fantastic! Because of this the style is far too weak and would bend and be crumpled within a year on the finger of today’s modern woman.