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Wrestling Rings and All Other Things Wrestling

Wrestling has always been a favorite past time of many  people of all ages, but it’s thanks to the former WWF—now known as the WWE—that wresting has become the mega sensation that it is today. Fan or not, you can’t help but want to look when you flip the channels and see the flamboyant stuff going on in the wrestling rings.

For those that are fans of wrestling in the more traditional sense of the sport, or for those that are just curious about some of the history and  specifics of wrestling, lets give you some facts to satisfy your need.

For starters, wrestling rings are usually fourteen or twenty feet wide square and in championships like the World Championship Wrestling and The Extreme Championship Wrestling the rings are normally eighteen feet in size.  The ropes that run along the sides of the wrestling rings are supposed to be for the safety of the wrestlers, though it seems that these days they are getting used by the wrestlers themselves as a way to hurt the opponent! Wrestling—even entertainment wrestling—is a very dangerous and physical sport and they can get hurt very badly during fights even when the safety precautions are adhered to. The traditional rings that are used by most Federations within the wrestling community have four sides but some other rings used outside the USA have six sides and can come in an octagonal shape and size. The more traditional rings that have four sides are very similar in construction to the rings that are used in boxing. The floors are padded and have shock absorbing qualities. They also have three rungs of rope that can take a lot of stretching and ping back when fallen onto. Some wrestlers use the ropes to perform special moves as they give the player extra bounce and force to complete the moves.

Because wrestling is such a popular sport there have been promotional toys made for children to play with. Children’s toys are big and lucrative market and when this is combined with wrestling  and it has proven to be a multi-million dollar market—likely because more adults are collecting these toys than children! The scaled down versions of wrestling rings are made for children so that they can take their action figures and use imaginative play to re enact some of the fights that they have seen, and of course make up some of their own, but of course can also be used to display the figures that you’ve been collecting.

There are many stores that sell these toys and there are a lot are bargains to be had if you search the internet and compare prices between stores. If you like to collect retro toys, then try getting your hands on some of the old WWF wrestling figures from back in it’s heyday when the likes of Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Randy Macho Man Savage. They may be worth a little more now even though they are ‘used’, but if kept in good condition they will likely bring in a lot more money down the line!  Before you buy anything on the internet that claims to be authentic though you may want to be sure of the seller or vendor’s reputation to avoid getting bamboozled. You want to be sure that what you get is what you actually paid for. There are a lot of reputable stores on the internet that specialize in toys and retro toys as well as online auction sites like eBay. If you input “wrestling rings” into your browser you will find that a whole host of internet shops and you can also use a toy web ring for more resources.