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Types of Pets

Pets make great companions for all people, young and old, as well as families. They key is to find the types of pets that are right for you, whether you like cats, dogs, birds, rodents, or any other type of domesticated animal. You should choose a pet based on what sort of animal suits your personality and works with your lifestyle. Some types of pets are better suited to people living in small apartments while other types of pets do best on very large properties where they have lots of room to exercise. It’s important to realize that not all animals make good pets.


In my opinion, dogs are the best kinds of pets. Dogs are loyal companions they listen to you, you can train a dog, and dogs have a lot of personality. Dog are not only great pets, but can also be useful workers. Most dogs enjoy exercise and will help you to keep in shape because you have to walk dogs regularly. If you don’t know a lot about dogs or if you’ve never owned a dog before, you should do some research before buying a dog. You can do some research about different kinds of dogs and their bahaviours ad pick up a new dog from a dog shelter. The only thing you should watch out for when getting a dog at a dog shelter is that some dogs are older and may have been abused or neglected by previous owners. This can make a dog aggressive and difficult to train. However, there are plenty of great dogs waiting to be adopted all the time. You could also get a dog from a dog breeder if you want a purebred dog. The worst place to buy a dog is usually at pet stores because they get their dogs from puppy mills, which treat dogs very inhumanely.


For a lot of people, cats are appealing as pets because they don’t require a lot of attention or maintenance. In fact, most cats are very independent and would prefer to be on their own most of the time. For some people, a cat is an ideal pet because they don’t need to be walked and they’re easy to take care of.

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Some rodent make good pets but a lot of them do not. Some people love their rodents but they’re not my kind of pet at all. I think rodents are for sewers, not for inside my home with cutesy toys.


Though fish seem like very low maintenance pets, some fish require a lot of work to keep. Keep in mind that when you’ll have to create a whole artificial environment for them to live in, whether it’s a bowl for your goldfish or a serious aquarium for expensive saltwater fish. Not only are fish tanks expensive, but it can quite a challenge to maintain ideal conditions inside a fish tank. You can have a salt water or fresh water fish tank, but both take a lot of work to maintain and keep clean. You’ll have to buy special filters and chemicals to maintain the correct pH in your fish tank and to get enough oxygen into the water. Though the thought of breathing fish tank water vapour sounds disgusting, a fish tank can be a great thing to have in a very dry room because it acts as a humidifier. If you have a fish tank in your house where the air’s dry, make sure you remember to refill your fish tank regularly so that your fish don’t run out of water. To save time cleaning your fish tank, which can get filthy pretty fast, you can buy special fish that eat the algae that gets stuck to the glass and rocks. I used to have a big fish tank right next to my bed that held about 80 liters. One night when I was sleeping one of the algae sucker fish jumped out of the tank and landed on my bed. If you’ve seen those algae sucker fish, you know how gross they look, especially out of water. Some people prefer salt water tanks to fresh water tanks because they can buy more exotic-looking salt water fish. These fish tanks are difficult to maintain and require a lot of work. Many salt water fish owners buy coral from the ocean to put in their fish tank. This is very bad for the environment and these chunks of coral are mined illegally from living coral. In some places, coral mining is legal, but shouldn’t be because coral reefs are fast disappearing and they are home to millions of unique species that will become extinct if we keep destroying our coral reefs.

Pet Names

Different pet names suit different kinds of pets, so you should give your pet’s name some thought. You can find lists of pet names if you need ideas. You can search specifically for cat names, bird names, dog names, and fish names. You can calla fish pretty much any pet name you want and it won’t make a difference, but if you’ve got a pet like a dog, you’ll want to put some thought into naming them. Dogs are one of the few types of pets that actually come to you when you call them, so you’ll want to choose an appropriate name.

Virtual Pets

For those who can’t handle the responsibility of owning a real pet or don’t have the means to support another life, you can get a virtual pet. The only real downside of virtual pets is that they’re not real, you can’t play with them, and they don’t make exciting companions. However, virtual pets don’t have exorbitant vet bills and you can have any sort of virtual pet you want, whether it’s a bunny rabbit or a tiger. Unfortunately, some people think it’s ok to have tigers and other wild animals as pets. They keep wild animals in captivity as pets and the animals suffer greatly as a result. Lions and tigers are not made to live in cages in your back yard. Another stupid thing that people do is make themselves believe that the animals are happy and that they’re their friends so they try to play with their pets and get mauled or killed. Of course baby lions are cute and harmless but anyone with any sense knows they’re not going to stay that way and playing with a full grown tiger who hates you for locking him in a cage is not going to end well. Generally, when people get eaten or mutilated by wild animals they’ve captured to keep in captivity as pets, they had it coming to them.