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Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey has recently become a big star through his role as mcdreamy on the hit show Grays Anatomy. As mcdreamy, the young neurosurgeon with lots of hair who romances Meredith Gray, patrick dempsey has become a major heartthrob for women of all ages. While mcdreamy is not the only role patrick dempsey is known for, by far his grays anatomy appearances are what has brought him fame. Before Greys Anatomy, patrick dempsey had a career in the 1980s in teen romantic comedies. Patrick Dempsey’s career did not take off until Greys Anatomy, though patrick dempsey did have a medium sized role in Sweet Home Alabama. Since grays anatomy, patrick dempsey has been nominated for an Emmy and has been profiled as one of the sexiest men of the year. On Grays Anatomy, patrick dempsey plays dr. mcdreamy as a caring but often tortured romantic lead. Much of the drama in grays anatomy focuses on patrick dempsey as mcdreamy and ellen pompeo as Meredith. Meredith sleeps with Patrick Dempsey as mcdreamy the first night she meets him and they start a whirlwind romance in the first season of grays anatomy. Unfortunately for Meredith, she finds out mcdreamy is married at the end of the first season, just when all was going well between her and the patrick dempsey character. At the end of the first season of Grays Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey may have reached new heights of fame but his character mcdreamy was not too well liked by fans of Meredith. Dr. mcdreamy lied about being single and Meredith felt she could never trust the patrick dempsey character again. In the second season of grays anatomy, mcdreamy desperately tries to win Meredith back. The Patrick Dempsey character begs her to listen to him. Apparently Addison (the wife of mcdreamy), cheated on the patrick dempsey character and he fled to Seattle to escape the pain. When Meredith finally opens up and listens to him, mcdreamy drops another bombshell as patrick dempsey decides to give his wife a second chance. Once again, Patrick Dempsey does not play a sympathetic character for the Meredith fans. Season two of grays anatomy is spent with the patrick dempsey character going back and forth over which woman he wants. When it comes to mcdreamy, Meredith both loves and hates the patrick dempsey character. Grays Anatomy is filled with the drama of neither mcdreamy nor Meredith actually knowing what they want. When Meredith starts to date a vet, mcdreamy gets very jealous and season 2 of grays anatomy ends with Meredith and the Patrick Dempsey character sleeping together again at a fake prom. Season 2 of Grays Anatomy ended in such suspense that in interviews all summer patrick dempsey was asked what was going to happen between mcdreamy and Meredith. Of course Patrick Dempsey could not actually reveal the grays anatomy secrets. In Season 3 of Grays Anatomy, however, the drama continued between mcdreamy and Meredith. The Patrick Dempsey character leaves his wife for Meredith and saves Meredith’s life. Near the end of season 3 of grays anatomy, Meredith’s feelings for mcdreamy start to wane. In the Grays Anatomy season finale shocker, Meredith leaves the patrick dempsey character, stating she is so over mcdreamy, though at the beginning of the season she believed mcdreamy to be the one. The suspense is high around the next season of grays anatomy. No one knows if Meredith’s break-up with mcdreamy will last. Tensions on the Grays Anatomy set between cast members, including Patrick Dempsey, have led to rumours of people leaving the cast. Last season, grays anatomy set rumours focused on conflicts between patrick dempsey and Isaiah Washington. Apparently Isaiah Washington insulted fellow Grays Anatomy co-star T.R. Knight and Patrick Dempsey stepped in to defend him. Rumours of fights between Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey spread quickly and soon so did rumours of cast members leaving grays anatomy. The season finale of Grays Anatomy seems to indicate Isaiah Washington, not patrick dempsey will be the one to leave. Yet the break-up of Meredith and mcdreamy could mean that Patrick Dempsey could also be considering leaving the cast of grays anatomy. Grays Anatomy has made patrick dempsey’s career what it is today, however, and it does not seem like mcdreamy will be leaving immediately. Patrick Dempsey has kept his personal life fairly private. When he was only twenty-one, patrick dempsey married the mother of one of his best friends who was forty-eight. Patrick Dempsey and his significantly older wife divorced seven years later. Before beginning Greys Anatomy, patrick dempsey married a make-up artist and has been happily married since 1999. Patrick Dempsey and his second wife Jill Fink have three children together. Two of patrick dempsey’s children are twins. Patrick Dempsey and his wife had these twins during seasonal promotions for Grays Anatomy. Pictures of patrick dempsey and his twins showed up in many tabloids and magazines. Patrick Dempsey is known as a family man, which increases his appeal for female grays anatomy viewers. Before Grays Anatomy, very few people may have known much about patrick dempsey. Since greys anatomy began, Patrick Dempsey has gained a devoted fan base, many of whom are younger than his fans from his teen comedy days. Patrick Dempsey became a grays anatomy star not only because he played sexy dr. mcdreamy and every woman wanted a neurosurgeon who looked like patrick dempsey to desire her, but also because in real life he came off as a down-to-earth family man. Now patrick dempsey is a main draw for grays anatomy. Pictures of Patrick Dempsey are splashed across both entertainment magazines and men’s magazines. Patrick Dempsey has style and charm and the makings of a great TV star. Women fall head over heels for the puppy dog eyes and great hair that mcdreamy sports on grays anatomy and then find out that Patrick Dempsey seems like a genuinely nice real person. Now there are tonnes of fan sites devoted to Patrick Dempsey, mcdreamy, and Grays Anatomy. If you are a big patrick dempsey fan, you should have no problem finding lots of photos of your favourite grays anatomy star.