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Eric Dane

Eric Dane is probably better known to popular audiences as dr mcsteamy on grays anatomy. In 2005, eric dane joined the cast of Grays Anatomy to play mcsteamy, the hot doctor who was once Dr. McDreamy’s best friend, until he slept with his friend’s wife. Audiences may also know eric dane from his roles on “Charmed” and “Gideon’s Crossing”. Eric Dane has attracted many female fans from his role as dr mcsteamy and has successfully become a fan favourite for audiences of greys anatomy. Many may not know the actor by his real name, however, and eric dane is often referred to now as just mcsteamy. The name dr mcsteamy plays on a long running Greys Anatomy joke of nicknaming the sexy doctors. For Eric Dane, the greys anatomy doctors test out mcsexy but settle on mcsteamy.
The nickname dr mcsteamy probably comes from Eric Dane’s smoldering look. When eric dane was introduced onto grays anatomy, the character of mcsteamy was made out to be a big flirt with no morals. In his first Greys Anatomy appearance, Eric Dane walks up to Meredith and starts flirting with her. Before long though, eric dane is sprawled on the floor as dr mcsteamy gets punched by Dr. McDreamy. This fight is due to the fact that mcsteamy is the man who slept with the wife of McDreamy. Eric Dane plays the flirty, sexy, and a little bit dangerous dr mcsteamy perfectly. On greys anatomy, eric dane is the doctor you love to hate. Eric Dane and Ellen Pompeo’s character Meredith start the “dirty mistresses club”. Greys Anatomy is filled with affairs, lies, and sex so the subplot of mcsteamy and Addison was a perfect addition to the drama. Though eric dane was only supposed to have a guest role as dr mcsteamy, audiences loved his look and his comic timing and soon Eric Dane was offered to stick around for the third season. The third season of greys anatomy was filled with even more mcsteamy drama. Greys Anatomy brings back eric dane in the third season to continue to cause drama for McDreamy and Addison. Eric Dane is first seen in the third season walking out of a bathroom, wet and wearing only a towel. This eric dane moment was hugely popular. The towel scene helped make dr mcsteamy one of the bigger greys anatomy stars. Not only does mcsteamy once again sleep with Addison but soon the Eric Dane character is competing for the coveted spot of chief of surgery, along with all the other attending doctors on Greys Anatomy. When dr mcsteamy enters the chief of surgery race, the other greys anatomy doctors are horrified. The eric dane character is the foremost plastic surgeon on the East Coast. It looks like mcsteamy will be some tough competition. Things continue to heat up on Greys Anatomy when dr mcsteamy makes it clear that he intends to stay at the hospital not only to become chief of surgery but also to woo Addison. The Eric Dane character tells Addison that it was more than just lust when it came to her. A running subplot of the third season of greys anatomy has mcsteamy going after Addison and constantly being pushed away, as she knows dr mcsteamy is not the faithful kind. The third season of Greys Anatomy allowed eric dane to be more than just a pretty face on the show. This season of greys anatomy gave mcsteamy a more well rounded character. Now the Eric Dane character actually has emotions and tries to fight for Addison. Addison bets dr mcsteamy that he cannot go two months without sex. This bet is to prove that eric dane actually cares about her and not just the drama and lust that surrounds their affair. While few Greys Anatomy watchers actually believed mcsteamy could pull off the two months, the Eric Dane character actually does it for the woman he loves. At first glance, the bet in the third season of Greys Anatomy seemed to have a pretty obvious outcome; mcsteamy has not been known for his fidelity. Yet as we see the eric dane character resisting temptation, we see Addison falling for another guy. The Eric Dane character watches as Addison flirts with Alex, increasing the greys anatomy drama, as Alex certainly has not fallen for her. As the Greys Anatomy season wears on, very few people are able to trust each other. While dr mcsteamy may have first seemed like a threat, it turns out that the other greys anatomy characters were bigger threats to themselves than eric dane ever was. At the end of the third Greys Anatomy season, mcsteamy does not get the chief of surgery position or the woman he loves.
Greys Anatomy audiences will have to wait to next season to see what happens to dr mcsteamy. The question is will Eric Dane return to greys anatomy or move on? Greys Anatomy has pushed eric dane into an even bigger spotlight. Though Eric Dane was a regular on Charmed and Gideon’s Crossing, greys anatomy has helped him reach new and bigger audiences through the character of dr mcsteamy. You do not often hear of eric dane in the tabloids. The Grays Anatomy star actually has had a fairly tame personal life, despite playing the perpetual flirt mcsteamy.
Eric Dane briefly dated Lara Flynn Boyle before he appeared on greys anatomy. For the past three years, eric dane has been married to actress Rebecca Gayheart. So dr mcsteamy may not be available in real life but Eric Dane is still a lot of fun to watch on the show. Many audience members will be disappointed if the Grays Anatomy writers decide not to bring eric dane back to the cast. While dr mcsteamy may have caused some drama for the greys anatomy characters, he also brought in humour and charm to the show. Eric Dane plays mcsteamy as a likeable bad boy, which greys anatomy audiences have certainly responded to. If eric dane does return for a next season of Greys Anatomy, the drama will only get hotter.