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Canada’s Next Top Model

Canada’s Next Top Model is one of the many spin-offs of the popular American reality show, America’s Next Top Model. Canada’s next top model was created by supermodel, Tyra banks, and is hosted by Jay Manuel. Each hour-long episodes follows the exploits of a group of young girls competing for the title of Canada’s Next top Model. Canada’s Next Top Model is in its second season and airs on City TV in Wednesday evenings. The Canada’s Next Top Model season begins with ten competitors, one of which is eliminated each week. Each episode includes a challenge, a photo shoot and a judging session by which one of the girls is eliminated based on her overall performance to date, her success in the day’s challenge, and her best photo from her photo shoot. The girl who wins the challenge in each episode of canada’s next top model wins a prize for herself and is usually allowed to choose one or two other girls to share her prize with.
This helps to feed the tension between the contestants of Canada’s next top model by forcing them to take sides and form pacts. Of course, a lot of the appeal of Canada’s Next Top Model is the drama. There is inevitably a few clashes between the canada’s next top models contestants because they’re a bunch of young girls who have to live in very close quarters for an extended period of time with little contact with the outside world. Of course, winning Canada’s next top model would be a big break for any of these girls. However, those that are eliminated from Canada’s Next Top Model probably appreciated the experience. The girls get flown all over the world for these photo shoots, which often include very unusual settings or circumstances to challenge the models. Currently, there are five girls remaining in this season of Canada’s Next Top Model. The remaining Canada’s Next Top Model contestants include Tara, Tia, Cori, Rebecca, and Sinead.
The winner of Canada’s next top model will receive a modeling contract and a full page spread in a popular fashion magazine, among other things. It is anyone’s guess who will win this year’s Canada’s Next Top Model competition, but I’d put my money on Tara. Though canada’s next top model’s judges would lead you to believe that modeling is about more than just looks, what it really comes down to is ‘who’s the best-looking girl on canada’s next top model?’ In each episode of Canada’s Next Top Model, a guest judge participates in the girls’ evaluation and helps to decide who will not be canada’s next top model. If you can’t get enough of canada’s next top model, you can watch reruns of the show on Tuesday nights. You can also catch America’s Next Top Model, Britain’s Next Top Model, Australia’s, Next Top Model, and all the other next top model spin-offs. These next top model shows follow the same format as canada’s next top model, with similar, or sometime identical, challenges, and photo shoots.