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Paris Hilton is Free

Over the last three years, something has become apparent: it’s Paris Hilton’s world, we’re all just passing through it. Hilton shot to fame based on some partying exploits and a notorious video with her ex-boyfriend, One Night in Paris. The granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the man who founded Hilton Hotels, Paris hilton seemed to embody everything most people would hate – a spoilt rich girl who got everything that she wanted. To her credit, you have to admire how unrepentantly Hilton lived her life. From starring in the reality TV show, The Simple Life where her and fellow rich girl, Nicole Richie, did menial tasks and essentially mock the regular people around them, to collecting Greek shipping heirs as boyfriends to somehow convincing a major record label to release a record of hers, despite refusing to perform live, Paris Hilton has acted like she can get away with anything … and for the most part she has. The queen of the young Hollywood party scene, Paris Hilton’s life took a drastic turn over the last couple of months. Placed on 36 months probation on January 22 for a DUI, Hilton would violate her parole when she was pulled over by the police and found to be driving with a suspended license. According to Hilton, her publicist had informed her that her license wasn’t suspended. Considering that Hilton has managed to overcome video footage of her saying racial slurs and the controversy of a sex tape video, few people truly expected Paris Hilton to actually go to jail. However, on May 4, a judge ordered Hilton to serve 45 days in an LA County jail. While tabloid magazines began to file ridiculous stories about the scary jail that Hilton was going to be assigned to and Hilton was strangely quiet through the whole time, the public was waiting for something to happen. After all, things seemed too normal. However, after making a surprise appearance at the MTV Movie Awards on June 3, Hilton made the surprising decision of checking into prison early and ready to serve her jail time, which had been reduced to 23 days due to good behavior. That’s when things got a bit tricky. Four days later, Hilton was released from prison after an LA County sheriff deemed that she had health problems that prevented her from staying in prison. Newly freed, Hilton was placed under house arrest and the whole world was outraged. Except, the judge stepped in and demanded to know the reasons why Hilton was released. After appearing late at her trial to determine whether she was legitimately allowed to leave prison, Hilton and her supporters were greeted with shock – the judge demanded that she return to jail and serve her sentence. As Hilton’s fans cried out in disbelief, Hilton’s haters laughed derisively, and the mainstream media smugly complained about why Paris Hilton was newsworthy despite dedicating massive amount of coverage to her story, Paris Hilton quietly served her time in jail. However, on June 26, paris hilton was released where she was greeted by fans, paparazzi, and so much media attention. While reports of her being offered 1 million dollars for her first post-jail interview by NBC would be refuted after public outcry, Hilton did appear on Larry King Live to describe her ordeal. Appearing contrite, Hilton discussed her experience in jail and her seemingly new discovery of Jesus. On the show, she claimed that she has never done drugs despite the wide availability of video footage of her doing drugs, and she has since left to go on vacation to Hawaii. As pop culture bloggers seethe and the mainstream media continues to act all smug about having to reporting on Paris Hilton despite being the ones who have added to the Hilton hype, Paris Hilton is sitting on a beach somewhere.