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Paris Hilton Moves To Beverly Hills Former inmate, Paris Hilton, is looking for a new home in Beverly Hills. Rather, her father, hotel mogul Rick Hilton, is looking for a new home for Paris in Beverly Hills. Paris Hilton currently owns a home in Hollywood Hills, but has decided that she needs to escape the party atmosphere and wants to move to a quieter place. Paris Hilton apparently wants to change her ways and clean herself up. She claims that there’s more to her than people think. At the moment, Paris is on holiday in Hawaii to recover from her recent prison stay, which lasted only 23 days. Paris Hilton finds it difficult to lose her bad habits while living in Hollywood hills because there are so many great night clubs near her home. Her friends come by all the time and try to drag her off to parties, but Paris wants to turn a new leaf and show people a more profound and substantial side of Paris Hilton that she’s been hiding all this time. Paris Hilton is a multi-talented celebrity and it would be nice if she received some recognition for her outstanding life accomplishments. Paris Hilton is not only wealthy, she is also an actress and musician, among other things. Much of her acting work is more of the reality sort, like her hit TV series, the simple life. She has also taken up singing and recently released her first album along with a bunch of music videos. Paris Hilton also spends a lot of her time promoting herself and attending extravagant parties and awards shows. She has become a pop culture icon and nobody really knows why. Paris Hilton decided that Beverly Hills would be a good place to start a new life because it’s not as close to clubs and parties as her old place in Hollywood Hills. Though she is trying very hard to kick her old habits, her friends aren’t helping. Paris avoids the club scene only to have her friends come by her house and drag her out with them. Paris Hilton thinks that she’ll have fewer temptations in Beverly Hills because there aren’t as many clubs or wild parties to go to there. Also, Beverly Hills apparently has an older celebrity demographic. Unfortunately for Paris’s new neighbours, Paris Hilton will have a lot of paparazzi following her around at her new place when she moves in and probably long after. Her current neighbours in Hollywood Hills have filed numerous complaints about Paris Hilton’s wild parties and the constant paparazzi presence outside her house. That’s what you get for living in Hollywood Hills.