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Beyonce Barefoot

Beyonce Knowles was spotted in a clothing store last week, barefoot! She apparently was not buying shoes either. Beyonce was reportedly looking for shorts with a couple of men. Beyonce is often seen wearing shorts in her music videos and around town. Beyonce probably lives in a mansion in some beautiful location with fantastic weather, like California. If I lived in California, I’d also be wearing a lot of shorts. However, beyonce was not seen barefoot in California, but in New York City. Beyonce knowles was in New York City buying clothes when she was caught without her shoes. It’s not clear whether beyonce had intended to go out shopping without her shoes or if she had taken them off inside the shop. It’s possible that beyonce had a shoe emergency on the way to the New York Shop and had to have her shoes replaced or repaired. If beyonce had broken a heel, and she is known for wearing high heels, she may have stopped by a shop to buy some shorts while she was waiting to have them fixed.
It’s also possible that she simply didn’t feel like wearing shoes. If beyonce’s feet are tired and she doesn’t feel like wearing shoes, then who’s to say she can’t go shopping barefoot. She’s beyonce Knowles; she can do whatever she wants. Apparently, beyonce knowles was shopping at a very posh store in New York called Bergdorf Goodman and the Sunday shopping crowd was not at all impressed by her display. Of course, a picture of beyonce at the time of the incident would explain a lot. Could the person who claims to have seen beyonce barefoot have been mistaken? Perhaps she was wearing clear flip-flops or flesh tone slippers. It’s a sad thing when celebrities can’t visit their favourite New York shops barefoot without drawing a crowd.
If they want to shop barefoot, good for them. It’s not as if beyonce forgot to put on a shirt when she went shopping. Other photos of beyonce shopping in New York, show beyonce wearing denim shorts, gold heels, and such a cute top! Beyonce certainly wasn’t barefoot at the 2007 BET awards. Beyonce performed at the awards show, wearing gold and silver lamae pants, a gold bra, and her standard – or maybe not so standard anymore – mile high gold heels. Beyonce used to sing in a group called destiny’s child, a very successful all girl group of the nineties. She has since began her solo career and release a number of successful singles and albums. Beyonce has also made some very popular music videos, both with destiny’s child, and on her own.
Beyonce knowles is also a dancer, actress, and model, among other things. Beyonce began her singing career at a very young age, singing in her church choirs and competing in youth singing competitions. Today she has her own clothing line, has starred in a number of movies and videos, has a very successful singing career, and was recently voted the most desirable women of the year.