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Celebrity Baby Names As if celebrities’ babies don’t have enough problems from the outset, celebrity parents feel compelled to give their babies ridiculous names. With names like Apple, River, Banjo, Reignbeau, and Audio Science, it seems the hottest trend in Hollywood right now is to name your baby after random inanimate objects.
There are a few exceptions: some celebrities name their children after stray dogs, like Courtney Cox & David Arquette’s baby, Coco Riley. The poor kid has two dog names. Others, who are barely celebrities at all, like tennis player, Arthur Ashe, think they can get away with calling their baby Camera. There’s one thing people need to understand here – if you’re going to stick your baby with a name like Camera, YOU HAVE TO BE A CELEBRITY. At least other celebrity babies can tell their friends they’ve got a stupid name because their mother is Julia Roberts, but what’s Arthur Ashe’s daughter going to say? After her third child, Julia Roberts finally gave up on the stupid baby names and called her newest baby Henry. Perhaps her son Phinnaeus talked some sense into her when he learned she’d be naming the new baby Zeus Perseus. But not all celebrity babies are so lucky.
Apparently no one told celebrity, Nicolas Cage, that his baby would never forgive him for naming him after a comic book character. At least it wasn’t baby Jughead. Similarly, Richard Gere named his baby Homer J. In some countries, the government steps in when parents try to give their babies stupid names. Recently in Sweden, a couple tried to name their baby Metallica, after their favourite band, and the swedish government didn’t allow it. But when a celebrity has a baby, anything goes. Where are the baby name police when a celebrity gives all three of her children stripper names, like Paula Yates, who names her three baby daughters Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom, and Little Pixie? I can’t wait to find out what Nicole Richie will name her new celebrity baby.