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Lindsay Lohan’s Adventures in Rehab

Didn’t it seem like that just a few years ago, the entertainment scene was about to become overwhelmed by fresh face, talented teens. Innocent pop starlets like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore were reviving a genre that had been dormant for over a decade. While these singers danced and pranced into our hearts, it seemed like they were just the beginning of a new wave of young celebrities with big ambitions. People like Hilary Duff and Dakota Fanning started to emerge armed with years of entertainment experience and an amazing ability to multitask. While Hilary Duff may have been the early face of this new wave of younger than young Hollywood, a freckled face girl with auburn hair and a husky voice would soon become the scene’s shining light – a girl named Lindsay Lohan.
The thing about young kids is they tend to age from sweet, fresh faced innocent kids to wild adults that have to go through some significant growing pains and regrettable experiences. This has been especially true of lindsay lohan who has gone from the sweet precocious teen that managed to do double duty in Disney’s hit remake of The Parent Trap to a girl that routinely appeared dazed in clubs often without underwear. While she may have managed the difficult transition from child star to emerging adult actress, a sexy lindsay lohan may have lived out her image a bit too much. There are numerous lindsay lohan pictures of lindsay lohan in bikini.
Additionally, after her breakup with That 70’s Show and the host of MTV’s Yo Mamma, Wilmer Valderrama, the number of high profile celebrities that have seen lindsay lohan nude in various flings are suspected to include: British model Calum Best, sensitive British singer/songwriter/soldier James Blunt, British thespian Jude Law, Greek shipping magnate heir Stavros Niarchos, and apparently non-European and Britney Spears’ notorious ex-husband Kevin Federline (which is extremely hard to believe). As Lindsay Lohan’s antics threatened to overwhelm her music and acting talents, it seemed like something had to give. After being involved in numerous car crashes that she claimed to have been caused by driving away from the paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan lost her luck on May 26. That was the day that she was arrested in Beverly Hills under charges of DUI.
Allegedly, police found Lohan after she had crashed her Mercedes into a curb. When they searched her and her car, the police apparently found a sizable amount of cocaine. At a time where young celebrities like Paris Hilton are discovering that the law isn’t about to put up with their antics, it appeared that Lindsay Lohan had finally learned her lesson. Two days earlier, Lindsay Lohan checked into a rehab center to confront her demons. Although there were many people who suspected that this was in vain, after her earlier dalliances with rehab, it would appear that she is trying to reform her life and image. In addition to remaining in rehab to this day, Lohan even cancelled her 21st birthday party at a Las Vegas Club, which surely would’ve ended up in a gallery of lindsay lohan schlammered, because that’s what people do on their 21st birthday. Considering how young she is and the fact that she has been working in the entertainment industry for over 18 years, it’s too early to count Lindsay Lohan out. Who knows, maybe her stint in rehab is just the right way to rehabilitate her career. Additionally, Lindsay, you should never agree to appear in a movie that is called, I Know Who Killed Me. For that decision alone, Lindsay Lohan’s trip to rehab was a good thing.