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Nelly Furtado Engaged

2006 was truly a breakout year for Victoria, British Columbia’s songbird, Nelly Furtado. Although Furtado had managed to break on the pop music scene with her debut album, Loose that brought her both critical and commercial acclaim, her sophomore album was considered a dud. Coming back from the sophomore slump can be a difficult thing, especially when it takes you three years to release that third album. However, Nelly Furtado did a smart thing by hooking up with super producer, Timbaland whose stuttering beats combined with Furtado’s artistic flourishes created a massive winner. With the nelly furtado loose album, you can see a visible change in nelly furtado lyrics. While her debut album caught a precocious young girl with exceptional pop smarts, her sophomore album reflected a woman that was reflecting on her roots. This wasn’t surprising as nelly furtado
pregnant recorded that album. With her breakthrough album, Loose, Nelly Furtado was embracing youthful pop anthems that reflected in megahits like Promiscuous and Maneater. She cultivated a sexy image that made music fans immediately take notice. After showing her immense potential with her debut album, Nelly Furtado easily rose to be a major player in pop music. Her celebrity was even more entrenched when she engaged in a petty feud with fellow pop starlet, Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. As Nelly Furtado found herself nestled at the top of the pop charts, she has managed to become a big time celebrity. She has teamed up with producer Timbaland and fellow pop icon, Justin Timberlake on a successful collaboration, Give it to Me, which sees these three artists at the top of their game (both critically and commercially) essentially talk down to their supposed enemies with the immense swagger of a winner. While Nelly Furtado’s professional career seems to be at an all-time high with more hits like Say it Right and All Good Things ensuring that Loose will continue to be even more successful, news have emerged about Nelly Furtado’s personal life matching her career’s success. The mother to a three year old child that she made with her former DJ, DJ Jazz, Nelly Furtado has managed to avoid the celebrity-fuelled drama that plagues other pop stars like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton (although it’s a stretch to call her a pop star), Jessica Simpson, and even Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. However, news have surfaced in the last few days that speculate that Nelly Furtado has gotten engaged. While the public has a love-hate relationship with celebrity couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Nelly Furtado’s engagement and future marriage is unlikely to be the subject of tabloid fodder. While working with Timbaland’s crew on her Loose album, Furtado apparently quietly began to date the album’s recording engineer, Damacio Castellon. The Cuban sound engineer apparently proposed to Furtado, as the singer was finishing off her tour. The news of the engagement has been confirmed by the couple’s close friend, Timbaland. While it would appear to be a blow to the legions of men and women that wanted some time with the Promiscuous Girl, it seems that Nelly Furtado is leaving the world of singledom and embracing the life of a married woman. Hopefully, this doesn’t change Furtado’s current embrace of fun, youthful pop music.