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The British Invasion Part Deux: Posh and Becks are coming!

Throughout the last century there have been instances where British figures have crossed over to America and achieved massive stardom. The biggest example of this was the popularity of The Beatles who were greeted by massive crowds upon their initial arrival to America. While it may not be to that same level, there are two British individuals that seem determined to make a big splash on American shores – David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. Arguably the most famous celebrity couple throughout the world, david beckham and victoria beckham are not ubiquitous figures in America … yet. On Friday, July 13 2007, David Beckham was introduced to his new fans at the Home Depot Center. Eschewing the more reputable European leagues, Beckham has taken a big leap of faith and has come to Los Angeles to play for their Major League Soccer (MLS) team. While the soccer league has been running since 1993, MLS has been taking tentative steps in growing its league. With a keen eye on maintaining fiscal sensibility while increasing the league’s infrastructure, MLS has taken a non-flashy route of building up interest in soccer in a country that is notorious for being indifferent to the golden game. After gaining praise for its steady and practical plan for building up a viable league, MLS has decided this year to make their big splash. Their Los Angeles team, the Los Angeles Galaxy has reached out to arguably the most famous soccer player in the world and has convinced him to join their currently second last place team. Although he may not be so well known here, David Beckham is an immense star throughout the world. The two time runner up to FIFA’s World Player of the Year, Beckham has gained accolades among soccer enthusiasts for his passing ability and his startling free kicks.
However, David Beckham’s appeal isn’t simply in the thrill of watching david beckham playing soccer, which is undoubtedly fun. The dapper gentleman has won legions of fans based on his considerable sex appeal. The most Googled sports figure in 2003 and 2004, many people have fantasized about david beckham nude. People throughout the world have adorned their computers with david beckham wallpaper and his considerable skills and reputation has even formed the basis for the wildly successful movie, Bend it like Beckham. The david beckham biography is one that is well known throughout the world. A fiery figure on the soccer field that has also been described as a gentleman on the pitch, David Beckham is a public figure that has survived soccer related controversy (getting kicked out of a British elimination match at the World Cup), doubt (skepticism about his playing skills after he had signed his contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy), and off the field shenanigans (accusations that he has cheated numerous times on his wife). Through it all, David Beckham has managed to survive and his longevity has added to his acclaim. While David Beckham is arguably the most famous athlete throughout the world, his fame has been eclipsed a few times by his wife, Victoria Beckham. Formerly known as Posh Spice in the massive internationally successful pop quintet, The Spice Girls, sexy victoria beckham has been comfortable living in the spotlight for numerous years. If there was a victoria beckham gallery made it would showcase a versatile artist that is renowned for her hair (victoria beckham hair is one of the most searched items on the Internet) and her unique fashion stance. The victoria beckham fashion style has been a big influence on her husband and the Beckhams are widely regarded for their extravagant sense of fashion and for being the epitome of celebritydom in England. This power couple has overpowered the world through constant coverage of the couple from international tabloids to numerous endorsement deals that has made them among the richest couples in the world. While it would seem like the constant attention would deter the couple, they seem like they are ready to make their big push in becoming ubiquitous in the one country that they haven’t conquered – America. While America is notorious for caring much more about one type of football, it is undeniable that there is a big buzz building in anticipation of the Beckham’s arrivals. Although David Beckham is quick to insist that the reason he is coming is to join a team and concentrate on opening a number of his popular soccer academies throughout America to foster interest in the sport, many sports pundits have wondered if he would be the star that can elevate MLS into a major sport in America and a league that can be comparable with the powerful European soccer leagues. The news is being covered throughout America and also in the international press. The Beckham’s star power is considerable and is evident in NBC’s decision to create a reality TV program centered around Victoria Beckham’s preparations for her move to Los Angeles. The couple’s high powered friends like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are sure to be fixtures at Los Angeles Galaxy games. As David Beckham prepares for his first MLS game on July 21 where the Los Angeles Galaxy ironically play the British team, Chelsea FC, the spotlight will be firmly placed on him. Already pictured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, sports broadcaster ESPN has plans to create a Beck-cam that will focus solely on David Beckham. With the hype at a fever pitch and Beckham’s first game about to be played in a few days, it’s becoming increasingly clear that many people suspect David Beckham to lift soccer to a higher level in America, which would instantly make david beckham and victoria beckham major stars in their new home. Whether or not this will be the case remains to be seen.
However, it is undeniable that all of the extra attention that is currently being placed on David Beckham has helped increased soccer’s exposure in this country exponentially and has helped make America a place for other soccer nations to keep an eye on. That alone seems to have made Beckham’s decision to come to Los Angeles already a success. If things end up not going as they plan and David Beckham is unable to elevate soccer into a fixture on the American sports scene, then it really is no loss for David Beckham and his lovely wife. As his wife starts preparing for a Spice Girls reunion Christmas tour that could eventually lead to the comeback of the Girl Power revolution that the Spice Girls started, David Beckham has found peace in his career. While it would be a bit of a disappointment if he isn’t the smashing success that the hype has made him out to be, Beckham doesn’t believe his own hype. Although it would be nice for him to become a major celebrity in America, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if he doesn’t reach the same heights of fame that people expect him to. After all, David Beckham easily understands that he’s famous pretty much everywhere else in the world. Who knows, maybe living in Los Angles will ironically give him and his wife some much needed privacy.