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Jon Lovitz and Andy Dick are not holding hands

While they may make you laugh, it seems like the world of stand up comedy is full of feuds, fights, and tears. From Fear Factory host, Joe Rogan, and fellow comic George Lopez’s agreement to try to freeze out rising comic, Carlos Mencia on the grounds of plagiarism to Seinfeld actor Michael Richards terrible meltdown into screaming racial slurs at a stunned audience, it seems like the stand up comedy world is anything but funny. For further evidence, news have surfaced off an altercation between comics that have made it big in the late 1980s and 1990s.
Jon Lovitz first surfaced to fame on the legendary sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live, and has continued his successful run with movies like City Slickers Two: The Legend of Curly’s Gold, National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon I, and The Stepford Wives. His somewhat obnoxious persona has led to a treasure trove of guest spots on such popular television shows as Seinfeld, Friends, and The Simpsons. Although he is admittedly new to stand up comedy, Lovitz has committed to a life long deal with the prestigious Laugh Factory club to appear there every Wednesday. Another comic that quickly rose to fame during the same time was Andy Dick. With a last name like Dick, Andy Dick quickly learned how to make himself the center of the show. His humor can be classified as over the top and slightly uncomfortable. Dick would use his awkward ability of taking his humor to a place that nobody else would by starring on the Ben Stiller Show and eventually his own show, the Andy Dick Show.
Although it would seem like his career has not included a number of huge highlights, Dick has become as much a celebrity for his personal decisions as his career. Constantly referred to as a homosexual despite his claims of being bisexual, Andy Dick has pushed the limits on numerous occasions. He has been arrested a few times for drug possession and was memorably forced off the Jimmy Kimmel Live show after he constantly touched fellow guest, Ivanka Trump, without her permission. Dick has also been forcibly kicked off an Edmonton stage after he exposed his naked self to a shocked crowd. It would seem inevitable that Andy Dick would run into trouble with a fellow comedian. Ironically, Andy Dick and Jon Lovitz had worked together on the NBC sitcom, NewsRadio. The show featured a cast of strong comics including The Kids in the Hall member, Dave Foley; Joe Rogan, and Saturday Night Live star Phil Hartman. It would be Hartman’s unfortunate death at the hands of his wife between the fourth and fifth season of NewsRadio that would lead to Jon Lovitz joining the show. Doing it for the man that gave him his break and paying tribute to his friend, Jon Lovitz appeared in the last season of NewsRadio where apparently he and Andy Dick had a contentious relationship. Numerous off the set problems were reported, however nothing seemed to come off it.
However, this all changed last week when Lovitz confronted Andy Dick at the Laugh Factory. The source of the problem was Andy Dick apparently went up to Lovitz a few months earlier and told him that ‘he put the ‘Phil Hartman hex’ on him meaning that he would be the next to die. Besides the strangeness of the comment, Lovitz was understandably angered by the callous reference to his friend’s death. When the two ran into each other again, Lovitz expressed his anger by repeatedly smashing Andy Dick’s head into a bar until blood started pouring out. Although violence is something that you shouldn’t really encourage, it’s pretty understandable why Jon Lovitz would freak out. It also doesn’t help that Andy Dick has seemingly gotten even more irritating as his career has gone on. Comedians – what can you do?