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Paris Hilton’s Five Star Prison Suite

Did Paris Hilton get the star treatment during her brief stay in prison? According to her former inmates at Lynwood, she did. The Los Angeles’ Sheriff Department is currently investigating allegations that paris hilton got special treatment in prison, including having her own cell phone while other inmates had very restricted phone use. Of course, it was inevitable that she’d be treated differently by fellow inmates, even though she had a private cell to herself. Regardless, the prison guards should have given her the same treatment as everyone else. Why should celebrities be above the law? However, the inmates’ reaction to her was a surprising. Instead of her fellow inmates resenting her for getting special treatment, they wrote her fan mail and were dying to chat with her as they passed by her cell. Paris Hilton was also granted some unusual requests during her stay, like being able to leave after a few hours to see her psychiatrist because being locked up was stressing her out. Some fellow inmates were not as star struck and complained that paris hilton received much better treatment during her stay in prison. She had special mail delivery that other inmates didn’t get and paris received a clean new prison uniform when she arrived, instead of the recycled uniforms all the other inmates wear. One woman, who was held in the same prison for a short time while paris hilton was there, claimed that she was denied urgent medical attention, and was ridiculed by prison guards, whereas paris had every guard at her service and was allowed to come and go as she pleased. Whether paris hilton actually received preferential treatment in prison is still unclear, though I don’t imagine that most inmates would be paid any attention if they asked for their own cell phone because they didn’t like waiting in line at the pay phones. What if inmates asked to serve their sentence in their Hollywood hills mansion under house arrest? Anyway, whether it’s determined that paris hilton received special treatment in prison or not, it doesn’t really concern her because she’s served her sentence. If anyone takes the fall for this, we can be sure it won’t be Paris Hilton. Since her prison stay, paris hilton has vowed to turn over a new leaf, and finally change her evil ways. Paris vows to keep off the drugs and stay away from some of her favourite clubs for a while. She wants to help people see what a complex and intelligent person she really is.