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Hugh Grant Getting Married?

Hugh Grant, the king of cheesy love sap, may be getting married to long-time on-and-off girl friend, Jemima Khan. Femalefirst.co.uk reports that hugh grant has already proposed to Jemima Khan, despite the two insisting that they are no longer an item. Perhaps hugh grant wants to draw some attention away from he and his bride-to-be so that the whole world isn’t watching when he gets married. Hugh Grant has done the wedding thing already in his romantic comedies. Could he possibly be as charming in person, or is it all in the script? We can only hope that his bride to be will spill the details of hugh grant’s proposal. If hugh grant and his lady are trying to keep their engagement and wedding under wraps, their friends certainly aren’t helping. A friend of hugh grant and Jemima Khan told reporters that although hugh grant and Khan claim they’ve split up, they are actually back together and intend to get married. Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan have been seeing each other on and off for a while, and have apparently decided that it’s worth trying to sort things out between them.
Hugh grant’s friend said that the couple wanted to give it another shot and would get married if it worked out alright. Hugh grant is famous for his roles in blockbuster romantic comedies like pretty woman and Bridget Jones’ diary. Hugh grant usually plays a mysterious and misunderstood, but very charming, hero. However, hugh grant is limited in his acting abilities because he has only one facial expression – somewhere between surprise and confusion. Perhaps this is why hugh grant does so well in romantic comedies, where woman are generally crazy and fickle and the unknowing men have to deal with their silly antics. Hugh Grant is a London-born actor and won best actor for his role in the 1994 hit, four weddings and a funeral.
Hugh grant also won a lifetime achievement award in 2006 and will surely make a fine husband. Hugh grant has been in the news in the past few years for his arrests for throwing can of beans at a photographer and cursing the photographer’s children with cancer, and for indecent conduct with a prostitute in a public place. Some of hugh grant’s most popular movies include Bridget Jones’s diary, in which grant plays bridget’s boss, Daniel Cleaver, and About a Boy, in which grant plays Bill, a mentor for a young boy who has no father. Hugh Grant has also starred in Love, Actually, Small Time Crooks, and Mickey Blue Eyes. It is rumoured that hugh grant will be starring in a new movie called The Persuaders that is due next year. Hopefully it won’t interfere with grant’s wedding plans.