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Lohan’s Risqué Photos Stolen

Lindsay Lohan is fresh out of rehab and already has a lot on her mind. Her boyfriend, Calum Best, had taken some nude photos of her, which were saved to her computer. Apparently, Lindsay lohan found a file on her computer desktop left by a hacker who claimed to have stolen her pictures. Lindsay lohan has contacted her lawyers, but is worried that the nude photos will be published on the internet. Of course, once lindsay lohan’s photos are published, they’ll never go away. Of course, making your private life public comes with being a star, but celebslam.com has no right to post lindsay lohan’s stolen photos on the internet. It’s disgusting that someone would take advantage of a young girl like that. I can’t imagine how someone could hack into lindsay lohan’s computer and steal her photos remotely unless she gave them permission to access her files. Then again, I don’t know a lot about hacking into computers. Another possibility is that someone who was able to physically access lindsay lohan’s computer, say a friend or ex boyfriend, could have stolen lindsay lohan’s nude photos to sell to a celebrity website, like celebslam.com. It would be really tragic if it was actually one of lindsay lohan’s friends that she trusted who stole the photos of Lindsay lohan Whatever happens with lindsay lohan’s photos, let this be a lesson to girls everywhere: don’t let your boyfriend, or anyone else, take nude photos of you if you don’t want to see them on the internet one day, because it’s inevitable. Lindsay Lohan of all people should not be letting people take nude photos of her. Already having the photos saved on her computer, Lindsay Lohan certainly should not have told anyone they existed because they’d be worth a fortune. If someone could just break into Lindsay Lohan’s computer, they’d make a fortune off her photos. If in fact lindsay lohan didn’t tell anyone about her photos, and the only person who knew about her nude photos was Calum Best, then lindsay lohan would have reason to be suspicious of Best. Lindsay Lohan chatted with the owner of the celebslam.com and told him that the photos that he apparently has in his possession were stolen. Perhaps the owners of celebslam.com will choose not to publish the lindsay lohan photos, but someone out there still has them, and chances are, the photos will make their way onto the internet either way. It’s really a shame because lindsay lohan is still a young girl, famous or not, and having her nude photos published on the internet could be very damaging to her psychologically. Of course it’s possible that lindsay lohan’s stolen photos don’t exist and she’s made up this story about hackers and what not to get her back in the headlines now that she’s out of rehab.