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Michael Vick Indicted for Dog Fighting

When Michael Vick was drafted first overall in the NFL 2001 Draft by the Atlanta Falcons, big things were expected from the quarterback. Although he is one of the shortest quarterbacks in the NFL, Vick had a previously unseen combination of speed, power, and a strong arm that many thought would allow him to redefine the quarterback position. In his first couple of years in the league, Vick seemed to be fulfilling these early expectations by leading the Atlanta Falcons into the third round of the NFL playoffs in just his third year. However, injuries and concerns about his throwing accuracy has marred the last few years of Vick’s career. The promising quarterback has become one of the biggest question marks in sports as many sports pundits began to publicly wonder whether michael vick had the ability to lead a team as their quarterback with his arm. While nobody doubted his rushing ability, the number of incomplete passes showcased a stalling offense and an Atlanta Falcons team that constantly disappointed. The pressure seemed to mount as Vick left one game giving the finger to the Atlanta crowd, as they were booing his performance. The troubled quarterback got into even more trouble early this off season in a bizarre incident at a Miami airport on January 17, 2007. When asked to surrender a water bottle that he was carrying, Vick refused and decided to throw the bottle away. Once the water bottle was retrieved by airport officials, they discovered that the bottle had a hidden compartment that contained a smell that they believed to be from marijuana. The controversy stewed for awhile and although Vick was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, his public image has sunk to a new low. While Vick vigorously apologized for this incident and another controversy where a woman alleged that he gave her herpes and knew about the condition due to his frequent visits to various clinics as Ron Mexico, this would appear the best of times for he talented quarterback. News surfaced a few months after the embarrassing incident that claimed that a Virginia home that Michael Vick owned had been a center for dog fighting. Although Vick proclaimed his innocence and told officials that while the home was under his name he rarely visited the home and had bought it for a family member, the michael vick dog fighting controversy wouldn’t go away. While it was almost certain that dog fighting did occur at Vick’s home, the big question was whether the $130 million quarterback was involved with the operation. On July 17, Michael Vick and three other individuals were indicted by a federal grand jury for dog fighting. While Vick is reportedly devastated about being charged, the court of public opinion are kicking into full gear. The michael vick dog fighting case alleges that the gang of four had formed an operation called Bad Newz Kennels that housed competitive dog fighting. The four are charged for obtaining and training pit bulls for the purpose of dog fighting and for running an operation that ran past state lines. Grizzly details have emerged of dogs being executed by electrocution, hanging, shooting and drowning following a loss. While Michael Vick will miss the upcoming Atlanta Falcon’s training camp due to court appearances, he is now facing intense pressure on and off the field. Maintaining his innocence and hoping that the michael vick dog fighting trial will eventually exonerate him from any wrongdoing, Vick has to face an on the field battle as well to prove his abilities as an elite quarterback in the NFL. With so much drama, it’s easy to see that Michael Vick will have all eyes on him in the upcoming football season.