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Lindsay Lohan Arrested … Again

Well after building up a tremendous amount of goodwill by completing a 45 day stay at noted rehabilitation center, Promises, in Malibu, California, Lindsay Lohan has just gotten herself arrested again on July 24, 2007. The girl that you can dub naughty lindsay lohan was pulled over early in the morning and was arrested for a number of things including: DUI, driving on a suspended license, and drug possession.
Arrested in the early morning by Santa Monica police, the story behind Lindsay Lohan’s latest arrest is definitely on the bizarre side of things Apparently, sexy lindsay lohan was arrested for driving a car that didn’t belong to her and apparently chasing another car that was driven by her personal assistant’s mother. Fearing for her safety, the personal assistant’s mother managed to allude the apparently hammered Lohan at a parking lot and then frantically called the police. After Lindsay Lohan was eventually pulled over, she tested positive for driving under the influence despite wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet that she claimed was a symbol of her sobriety.
Additionally, police found that she was possessing a white powdery substance that they believe to be cocaine. As you can imagine, all of the lindsay lohan websites out there are speculating on lindsay lohan cocaine habit. As news surfaces of naughty lindsay lohan doing illegal things, many people wonder whether the actress lindsay lohan exposed herself to potential jail time. After all, fellow young Hollywood queen, paris Hilton, was recently jailed for driving with a suspended license and Lindsay Lohan had that as just one of the five charges against her. With this recent news, many people wonder whether Lindsay Lohan will be able to rehabilitate her career in the short term. It used to be that a gallery of lindsay lohan would contain the actress in her notable roles in such hit movies as Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, and Herbie: Fully Loaded.
However, Lohan fans or Lohaniancs (as I will dub them) can make lindsay lohan wallpaper out of lindsay lohan pics of the girl passed out and arrested. Although Lindsay Lohan managed to impress some individuals with her commitment to her rehab, even declining to go out for her 21st birthday, there were a number of lindsay lohan rumors circulating that it was just a matter of time before she got herself into trouble. There was the first lindsay lohan appearance following her stint at rehab at a Las Vegas nightclub that many felt was a sure sign that the actress would slip.
Then there is the whole issue of lindsay lohan first arrest for DUI that stems from an incident that took place on May 26. With her first court date set on August 24, there are many people that publicly wonder whether Lindsay Lohan will manage to avoid jail time. Considering the fact that she has now been charged twice for DUI and narcotics possession, it seems that the next place for Lohan to confront her demons will be in prison.